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Aegithalos caudatus
(Squad Passerine, the Suborder of the Singers, a Family of long-Tailed Tits)

The long-tailed tit

The long-tailed tit - nurse" our forests. It brings the forests of very great use, since it eats only insects. Wears this bird in a black dress with a brown and pink stripes. The breast is white and the speed of the tail is black velvet. From a distance the birds seem to be almost round, black and white, tailed bulbs, as they have tiny beak and usually Tenuta shoulders head. Hence another name - "the long-tailed tit": silhouette of a bird very similar to the ladle or ladle. Their caudal (tail) feathers reach a length of 9 inches with a total length birdies in 14-15 inches.

The bird looks very neat and cute, unlike real Tits has a very good-natured, never fights. In older literature these cute birds are sometimes called apollonovka.

They are found almost all over Europe, and in Russia - from Arkhangelsk to the steppe regions of Ukraine, the Lower Volga and the Urals.

Mobility and fussiness long-tailed Tits, a thin beeping immediately give them belonging to the tit family. Usually birds resonate remarkably clean and gentle swislocki “TII-titi” (the first syllable is stretched, the following two short), as well as shouting in a hoarse, staccato “turr... turn...”. In the winter forest, the latter especially seems to creak pressed in frosty snow ski poles.

The long-tailed tit

Building this bird ball shaped nest with a side entrance in the fork of the trunk or shrub, usually on the edge of the forest. Woven as a nest of green moss and fibres of the cocoon insect that gives it a special strength. It's no wonder they say: "my house - my fortress". Importantly, in this fortress, due to lower litter from a large number of feathers, young Chicks will always be warm.

The main food of the Tits are the moths and worms, they she and her brood laconic. Often found in mixed flocks of Tits, wandering through the woods with autumn until spring. This bird inhabits in parks and forests, where it is easier to find food.

The voice of long-tailed Tits:

Used in text:
A. Gorbunova. "Migratory and wintering birds of Russia. Thematic dictionary in pictures"
Artist: Catherine Reznichenko


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