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Carduelis carduelis
(Squad Passerine, the Suborder of the Singers, a Family of Finches, Subfamily True finches, Genus Goldfinches)


The goldfinch is one of the most beautiful birds found in our forests. In this plumage birds striking red forehead and throat, and bright yellow stripes on black wings. For this holiday, shegelski outfit bird called "the goldfinch".

Goldfinch distributed throughout Europe, North Africa, Asia, Siberia to the East of that city, later in Asia to the Western Himalayas and Pakistan. Autumn and winter goldfinches lead a wandering life, long-distance flights do not.

Settle goldfinches in a cozy groves, orchards, close to the lush bushes or thickets of tall weeds. He especially loves the open with groves and copses, with large orchards and thickets of tall weeds in the neighborhood, which he willingly feeds. Here in mid-may, when it begins to jammed poplar and willow goldfinch will start construction of the nest - quality construction with dense walls of stems, bonded web. Outside the nest carefully camouflaged with moss, lichen, bark and bark in the tone of the wood, and the inside bottom is lined with small feathers, wool, horsehair. Another important feature of the nest of the goldfinch: it is located far from the trunk and high off the ground.


Goldfinches love to fly on Konoplyanik, on the floor, overgrown with thistles and brambles. With winter approaching flocks migrate to the South. All winter they feed on seeds, mainly alder and birch, but their favorite food is the seeds of thistles and Thistle. Where no weeds, and no goldfinches or they are very rare.

Beautiful song of the male consists of voiced trills. The song of the goldfinch quite loud, enjoyable, varied and extremely cheerful and perky. For his singing he is in high favour with fans of songbirds. To Express the song of the goldfinch words is very difficult. It is a rather motley collection of totally unique sounds. Goldfinch sings it, sitting on a branch or on the top of a tall Bush. Singing goldfinch while singing behaves like a Canary, turning right and left.

The voice of the goldfinch:

Used in text:
A. Gorbunova. "Migratory and wintering birds of Russia. Thematic dictionary in pictures"
Artist: Catherine Reznichenko


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