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Carduelis spinus
(Squad Passerine, the Suborder of the Singers, a Family of Finches, genus Goldfinches)


Siskin is a grayish-green bird with a timid nature, small, quiet, inconspicuous. No matter how you try to find the nest Chizh among large green paw eat - in vain, this bird knows how to disguise themselves.

Its name Siskin received for the characteristic "chizhin" squeak, which constantly overlap of individual birds in flocks. Song Chizh quite diverse and consists of both his own short words and blows, and the imitation of the singing other birds, mostly Tits.

Nest-building by the female, but the material is delivered exclusively male. The spring and summer Siskins carry out certainly in the coniferous forest, where they have Chicks. Feed them male and female insects and softened in the craw seeds of the plants.


At the end of the summer will migrate Siskins in the deciduous forest - birch, alder, here they are attracted by the seeds of birch and alder. Favorite food Siskins are the seeds of alder, which they get from cones, podveshivaete to them on prehensile paws, sometimes even upside down. Winter Siskin feeds mainly on seeds, birch, and in the summer not only seeds, but insects.

Will be cold Yes severe frosts, look for us in the window of the sun, will fly again these modest peaceful birds will be visible in the early spring.

Siskin is one of the most common songbirds contained in the home, through wit and credulity to person. Because of this credulity Siskins easily fall into all the traps. They are quite well tolerated slavery, are very tame, learn different tricks and can even bring offspring..

Voice Chizh:

Used in text:
A. Gorbunova. "Migratory and wintering birds of Russia. Thematic dictionary in pictures"
Artist: Catherine Reznichenko


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