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Erithacus rubecula
(Squad Passerine, The Suborder Of The Singers, The Thrush Family)


Robin, or Robin, bright bird with backrest, gray with a white belly, rufous forehead, throat, chest and cheeks. Inhabits a Robin in the bushes, moves by jumping on its rather long legs. People almost is not afraid, and if the person is not moving, maybe close to him to come with curiosity to look at.

The male sings from dawn to nightfall in spring and autumn.

Robin returned from wintering in the Northern territory one of the first. Found this bird only in Europe, at least not observed far beyond the boundaries of this part of the world. During winter flights Robin "visits" North Africa, Syria, Palestine, and Persia; the majority of the Robin flies away from us for the winter in southern Europe.


The nest of this bird suit on the ground or near the surface: in the hollows, rotten stumps, between the roots, in moss, grass, even in the empty holes of some mammals. The outer wall socket makes moss, dry branches and leaves, and the inside covers with thin roots and straws, hair, wool and feathers. If the hole in which is arranged a slot that is not protected from rain, Robin suits over him the cap and the inlet side makes.

It feeds small worms and various insects: spiders, snails, destroying pests of gardens and woodland in great numbers. In the autumn of young and old birds eat forestry and garden berries.

The voice of Robin:

Used in text:
A. Gorbunova. "Migratory and wintering birds of Russia. Thematic dictionary in pictures"
Artist: Catherine Reznichenko


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