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Vanellus vanellus
(Squad Charadriiformes, Suborder Kulikovo, The Family Of Plovers)


The lapwing is one of the most elegant birds of the forest. Look: black velvet head, casting a blue-green sheen, flanks, and abdomen white, the back is olive-green with purple highlights. On the back of his head attracts the attention of the characteristic crest. The beak of these birds is quite short, wings blunt and wide.

During the flight they vibrate, emitting a special buzz that makes the lapwing conspicuous bird.


Breeding lapwing throughout Europe, is also spread in Asia, and winters in England, France, Spain, Africa and Asia.

To our guests arrive Lapwings early when there is still snow. Live near the snow puddles, wet fields and the edges of the marshes, and as separate pairs, and large families.

The Lapwings nest quite primitive - just a hole dug its own tail. The bottom is lined with soft stems, and as soon as end of field work, Lapwings start incubating eggs.

In the case of anxiety and threat rodima Jack emit sad, exciting soul sound: "Whose are you? Whose are you?"

Feed on insects and their larvae, and earthworms and centipedes. Often eat beetles and butterflies, mole crickets and grasshoppers.

In the middle of June to end of August they usually fly away.

The voice of the lapwing:

Used in text:
A. Gorbunova. "Migratory and wintering birds of Russia. Thematic dictionary in pictures"
Artist: Catherine Reznichenko


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