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Sylvia atricapilla
(Squad Passerine, The Suborder Of The Singers, The Family Of Warblers, Genus Warbler )

Warbler black

Warbler black - black-and-grey bird with a Buffy tinge on the sides. The shape has a sleek, graceful and slender.

Breeds Warbler black in a variety of woods. On nesting arrives quite late. Flying to the us from Africa, Greece, Spain, where it winters.

Around the beginning of may begins intensively to sing, and sing exclusively males. Singing warblers is quite diverse and ranges from low notes, sonorous, flute whistle to tender sonorous passages. In the spring of her song is heard from dawn till dusk.

Warbler black-headed

The nest-building begins immediately, but after a couple of weeks after arrival. Jack arranges in undergrowth or on small trees. Material for its construction are dry branches, stems, and sometimes the moss. Construction involved both birds-a male and female, as well as incubating eggs.

Powered Warbler variety of insects: beetles, bugs, flies.

With the first cold prestine and the trace of Pevonia, waving it with his wing, looking forward to it again with the arrival of warm spring.

The voice of lesser Chernogolovka:

Used in text:
A. Gorbunova. "Migratory and wintering birds of Russia. Thematic dictionary in pictures"
Artist: Catherine Reznichenko


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