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Motacilla alba
(Squad Passerine, The Suborder Singers, Family Trjasoguzki)

Wagtail white

The white Wagtail is a small but very slender bird. This elegance give her long, thin legs and a long, straight cut tail. Deftly and quickly running through the earth, she continually shaking his tail. The plumage Wagtails bright, mostly white and gray tones, on the throat and breast, large black spot, on top of a black cap that is very different from the white forehead and cheeks on the sides of the head, the abdomen is grayish-white. The tail of this elegant little bird black, but at the feathers white; wings brownish-gray with alternating wide transverse black-brown narrow white stripes.

Breeds white Wagtail in Europe, Asia, Africa and adjacent to these continents, Islands, and also in North America. Winter white Wagtails in Africa, South Asia and partly in Europe.

Wagtail white

Feed on insects, particularly flies, spiders, caterpillars and mosquitoes. The nest is built approximately one to two weeks, and it looks like a shallow bowl, the walls of which are folded loosely and carelessly from rotten and wisp stalks and leaves of plants. Tray Suite from animal wool and horsehair. In this cozy nest in April and may will have Chicks with expressive velvet-black neck. In early autumn will begin flying this bird in far warmer climes.

The voice of the white Wagtail:

Used in text:
A. Gorbunova. "Migratory and wintering birds of Russia. Thematic dictionary in pictures"
Artist: Catherine Reznichenko


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