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Alauda arvensis
(Squad Passerine, The Suborder Song, The Lark Family)

Lark field

Lark field is small, the size of a Sparrow bird. Colour of upper side of the body buff, with black specks, bottom - yellowish-white, the color of withered grass and earth. Arrives to us from the South of Europe, and comes back from hibernation early, sometimes as early as March, and remained until November. Common larks we have across the country, stretching North to the tundra zone.

Lark - the call sign of spring. Shortly after the arrival of skylarks can be heard ringing trills their males. With the first blow heat will hear the song of the lark. Starts singing lark, flying higher, the louder his song. But from the second half of the summer season will not hear the intricate songs of these birds: females and males occupied by the offspring. Field lark named for good reason: nest is located in the meadows and fields with high grass. The main construction material is straw and lined with thin stems.

Lark field

Incubate birds hard not fly even from the people passing by. Ubegayut from the nest only when convinced that they had discovered. Back at the nest the bird returns with a trick: sit anywhere nearby, and then dashes moves to the nest. The lark has many enemies - wild animals: weasels, stoats, polecats, foxes, shrews, mice, voles, hawks, crows, and snakes. Eat larks seeds and insects.

The voice of the Skylark:

Used in text:
A. Gorbunova. "Migratory and wintering birds of Russia. Thematic dictionary in pictures"
Artist: Catherine Reznichenko


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