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A shot of the bug is almost imperceptible: section section 500 times smaller than the wounds left by the smallest medical syringe. The irritation causes the saliva. The bug, as Comerica, puts it under the skin to the blood clotted and not clogged thin proboscis, which transformed his lower lip. Ten minutes later, having increased our blood in its belly, the insect is removed away. Some people bite itchy for a few days, others only a minute. It also happens that at the bite site, you receive the blister. It's skin sensitivity.

Say, habit than is given to us. And bugs - their bite is not as painful as other people: people are especially sensitive to the bites of bugs that live in hotels or in the house where he stopped to spend the night. The thing is not very clear. Maybe different colonies of bugs varies the chemical composition of saliva?

Bug - being tenacious. No wonder Mayakovsky a play about the abominable, tenacious bourgeoisie called nasty word "Bug". Although in the mind of the bourgeois Prisypkin brain was very little, it had to be frozen, so he pulled up to a bright future. Real bug here out of competition. Just think: beheaded (compare with headless cockroach), he is able to reach a more advanced age than his peers, whose head is screwed on right. Headless instance does not shed and therefore did not Mature. If he pour hormones from normal individuals, the disabled person will pereonal.

In General bugs dropping five times chitinous integument. And every time before you upgrade they need to swallow the blood. If you get this elixir is not successful, the development is suspended. Underdeveloped bloodsucker to wait long - a year and a half. And as an adult, another 14 months to get to us under the blanket.

Lopina the female lays up to 12 eggs per day. At room temperature in two-three weeks of them would hatch into tiny larvae, are very similar to their mothers parents. The larvae will be 250 brothers and sisters: as many eggs the female lays throughout life. In a particularly favorable experimental conditions from clopay managed to get a huge litter - 541 egg.

Newborn parasites are equipped with the necessary accessory - symbiotic bacteria. They are placed in special organs on the back. And carried them to the bug on the back is not free - bacteria confer vitamins.

It is well documented that the bugs were biting even the ancient Romans and Greeks. In London they appeared seemingly only in 1680 with the bedding of the Huguenots who fled from France. This contradicts the fact, at one time attracted the attention of: 1503 several noble English ladies took the plague blisters left by the bugs. In America, the bugs seem to have arrived at the caravels of the Spanish conquerors in the sixteenth century. And in Central Asia bed bug seemed to be settled in just a hundred years ago. But how then to explain the discovery of these parasites in a remote cave in the mountains of Turkmenistan? Here in the darkness they, perhaps, for centuries drank the blood of bats.

Unfortunately, bed bugs have become cosmopolitan. You can say that he and "omnivorous": if he failed to get into the house, will prokormitelya rodent burrows, nests of pigeons, Wagtails, swallows. He loves and domestic chickens.

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