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Nothing that a house burned down, but the bugs were dead.
Korean proverb

Unfortunately, the bugs can be declared in the new house: not once seen as the bloodsuckers crawling on the outer walls or wires. Would the house, and bugs will be found - hungry parasites run about one meter per minute.

If exhausted bugs people to sleep, puts legs of the bed in the pots with water, still six-legged pirates will get in bed. Does this trick about the genius of the torturers? No, not talking. Here's how lapinou acrobatics explained Professor N. N. Founder. "Bugs crawling on the scent of prey, their motion is directed toward increasing odor. For bugs, utilise on the walls near the ceiling, the smell will intensify as it approaches standing at the bottom of the bed. Above the bed the smell is strongest, and the bug is delayed here, it keeps the smell. Looking for prey, crawling back and forth on the ceiling over your bed bug eventually breaks down from the ceiling and falls.

See bugs from bad to worse. However, the other night robbers - cockroaches recently discovered infrared vision. Do not check whether clopine eye to sensitivity to thermal infrared rays? And suddenly, sticking his nose out from under the Wallpaper, insects feel the heat radiated by our body, i.e. to perceive not only the smell, but the heat "lunch"?

This confusing situation clarified thorough article N. A. Levin, published in 1977 in the Journal of General biology. People who are not familiar with the special literature, the title of the article will seem heavy: "Olfactory reactions bed bugs are on the scent landmarks and their dependence on certain factors of the environment".

Here is briefly what was said in this article. Although bedbugs can feel the difference in temperature of two degrees, it is not the main way of finding food. At low temperatures they quickly lose their appetite and desire to move. But on changes in atmospheric pressure do not pay attention. Different light.

During the day, as everyone knows, bloodsuckers prefer to hide. But darkness also not stomach. From their point of view, the best small light brightness.

But, as they say, a saying, tale - ahead. It is not surprising that human insects smell thirty meters! There were cases when the bugs appeared on the place crowded, breaking the ten days of hundred-meter distance. On the net, washed with soap human skin they look indifferently. Dirty, rarely washable man also does not attract them. The most delicious smell is fresh sweat on a clean body. And here is a rough scale Kapinovo taste. In the first place the king of nature - man; then go, dog, goose, cat, chicken, mouse, horse. And in the rear of the cow. But this hierarchy is shifting and hard built only in those animals that had been in the experiment, where they reacted bugs, "in calibrated sizes, age and time of the last feeding".

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