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  • round wheat bread
  • 4 slice of light cheese toast
  • 3 slices of yellow cheese toast
  • 2 slices Castelnovo bread
  • slice red pepper
  • 8 slices salami
  • 4 black olives, pitted
  • 4 feather green onions
  • 4 salted straw
  • a slice of cucumber
  • green peas
  • butter

Cut the bread of two layers. The bottom layer, spread with butter. Put on the top layer. Cut cake into 8 parts. Cut the slices of cheese on a triangular pieces. Lubricate each section of the cake with oil, cover with slices of cheese. From slice Castelnovo bread cut the circle. From another slice of bread and cut a circle of smaller diameter. Cut a slice of light cheese on two of the triangle. One of them cut four.

Yellow cheese cut the same triangles. On a large slice of bread put the triangles of cheese. On top put a slice of bread. This "tip". From a slice of light cheese cut the circle. Put it on a slice of bread.

Cut a ring from a slice of salami. Put two ring opposite each other. Top lay two ring perpendicular to the first two.

The remaining rings to stack on top. Tail cucumber put on "the top".

Of the remaining slices of sausage cut rings. To stack rings on the cake. In the center of the rings to stack half black olives cut down. Put a circle of rings green peas. This "candlesticks". Savoury straws and pieces of green onions to make a "candle". "Flame" - from red pepper.


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2013-07-27 15:12:23
wow! fun and fast! just no words!
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