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  • round wheat hpeb
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 slice of cheese orange
  • 4 feather bow-resence
  • 8 leaves of green salad
  • 1 small-fruited tomato
  • pate
  • a piece of sweet red pepper
  • butter or melted cheese

Make the cake as the recipe "Stargazer". Grease the bottom pieces of butter or cream cheese. Half of the pieces of the top layer of cake and spread the pate, the other half butter or cream cheese.

Cut thin slices of cucumber peel. Cut them into pieces of different sizes. Each piece cut "leaves" oval. To lay out from the "leaves" "a branch of Lotus. Make a "stalk" of the onion resence. Put the branch in the sector of cake, smeared with pate.

From slice of cheese orange cut five small circles. Cut each circle in half. This is the "petals". From a piece of red pepper cut the circle - the center of the flower. Put "Lotus flower" on the sector of cake, covered in butter. Put the cake with the "flowers" on the lower sectors. Between them lay the sectors with "branches of Lotus. Decorate the center of the cake with tomato.


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