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  • 1 loaf
  • 1 sprig of parsley or dill
  • 3 slices of cooked sausage
  • 4 slices salami
  • 2 slices of cheese
  • canned corn
  • sprigs of parsley
  • pate
  • butter

Baton cut into slices. Cut the slices into halves. Spread the two halves with oil, the other two halves spread with pate. Cover one half of a slice of butter on a slice with the pie. The remaining half to lay Vice versa.

From slices of cooked sausage cut the circle. Put it on a sandwich with oil. Put in a circle kernels of corn. In the middle to insert a sprig of parsley. This "klumbachka".

From a slice of bread cut two circles. Spread one pate, another oil. Lay them on each other.

To make salami ring. From cheese to cut out the rectangle. Make a hole in the center. Roll a slice of cheese into a tube and insert into the ring of salami. This "lake". Insert the handle from the stem of parsley. "Spout" from dill. Cheese cut ring. To put this ring on "the lake" on a round sandwich. On a plate put a round sandwich c "Leica". Cut stripes of cheese, chop the stalk of fennel into slices.

Insert the pieces of the stem in a strip of cheese. This "rake". To make a "handle" of the dill.

From the same ingredients to make a "hoe". From a slice of cheese to cut the "shovel"To mount "handles" to make it cut.


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