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  • 15 slices Castelnovo bread
  • 8 slices processed cheese toast
  • 1 bunch dill
  • 17 small-fruited tomatoes
  • butter or mayonnaise

Take two slices of Castelnovo bread. One of them spread with butter. Put on it with another slice. Spread it with butter. Cover with a slice of melted cheese on toast. Make four of these two-layer sandwich. Cut each sandwich into two halves. Put them in a circle is the bottom line". Lay each half on a sprig of dill. Make two more double-layer
the sandwich. Cut them into quarters. Put them out of the next number of "branches". Lay sprigs of dill. Another two-layer sandwich cut into eight pieces. Put them out of the third number of "branches" of the tree. To cover the sprigs of dill. A slice Castelnovo bread spread with butter or mayonnaise, cut into two halves. Lay them on each other, cut into four triangular pieces. Each of them cut another two. Put the top row of the "branches". Cover them with sprigs of dill.

To choose a sprig of dill - "the top". Insert the tip in the center of the top row of the "branches".


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