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  • round wheat bread
  • 1 slice of cheese orange
  • 10 leaves of green salad
  • canned corn
  • ketchup
  • melted cheese
  • butter
  • mayonnaise

Make the cake as the recipe "Stargazer". Grease four parts cream cheese, the remaining four parts - the ketchup. Put the cake on the leaves of green salad.

From the small leaves of lettuce of different sizes to put "Christmas tree". Make these Christmas trees in all parts of the cake, covered with melted cheese. Fill kinetic mayonnaise. On the parts of the cake, covered in ketchup, draw snowflakes. From a slice of bread and cut a little circle, to put it in ketchup.

From pieces of cheese orange cut an asterisk. Put it on a slice of bread. Put an asterisk in the center of the cake. Christmas trees can be decorated with grains of corn.


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