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Your handbag

Do you know what a handbag? It is not only the subject of toilets, and it is not a replacement shopping bags. A handbag is a wand, a magic vessel, which you can use to get on top of the situation.

Your bag can tell more about you than you yourself. It is not only in its content, which is very clearly reflects your character and propensities, but also which of the many models you choose and how you hold it.


Your handbag and youBig bag characterizes you as a good fidget with broad scope and high efficiency.

Miniature handbag, cosmetic bag suggests that you reserved and organized.

Elegant handbag gives you a sophisticated nature, devoting a lot of time of their appearance and loving to chat.

Sports bag says that her mistress is a little adventurer that likes to stay active.

Way to keep

The handle (arm lowered) - can count on you, you will break the cake, but do not allow yourself to be late to class, on a date and in General to help people.

Hand threaded through the handle and the elbow is pressed against the waist - can be the envy of your future husband: you're a real housewife. Besides, you will not take self-esteem. The main thing for you is to always be on top, in great shape.

The hand that is wearing a handbag that is raised up to shoulder - with the same character you had been born a boy. You are energetic and bold. You have a lot of friends and any problems you on the shoulder. Loneliness only and afraid.

The bag holds the corner - you will not hurt to be more attentive and a little toning down of self-confidence. Often body consider to the opinion of an outsider. By the way, you don't tend to lose the bag and leave it anywhere?

Bag over his shoulder, the hand is lowered and fixed - but you should borrow a little bit of self-confidence from the previous type.

Shoulder bag, the hand moves with ease - you cheerful, happy with yourself and others, love to please and indifferent to the compliments.

The bag under your arm - you're closed, but your character corresponds to the adage "still waters run deep".


Artistic disorder, or chaos. Necessities lie deep at the bottom, never it is impossible to find and you have to remove half to find the ticket. You live under the motto "No problem!" You hard to offend, but you are often inattentive to others. You are sociable and placable, but despite this, with you it is often difficult for your unreliable and frivolity. To trust you serious thing - results will not wait.

Perfect order. The bag is the complete opposite of the previous one. All that is required at hand. You can rely on. Do you like to take the initiative, possess organizational skills, polite and correct.

The collection of antiquities. Here and used tickets, and crumpled recipes, and avenues, and buttons, and letters, and pictures, and old candy, and a piece of paper from ice cream... You dreamy and somewhat disorderly. You'd be more practical.

Great gentleman's set. There is everything here! All this, of course, things need. But things do not always need to carry. In addition to thread, needles, medicines and spare points, it can be detected even Spanish-French PhraseBook... are you one of those who learn on their own and others ' mistakes and strives by all means to avoid them. Sometimes this set shows kindness.

Mini office. In the bag are constantly notebooks, set of postage stamps and envelopes, thick notebook, newspaper, several pens and, of course, the calculator. And that's not all "business" contents of the bag. You are confident, have a bad sense of humor and naive about many worldly Affairs. In the rest of your inclinations can be anything.

By the way. The appearance of a handbag depends on your taste. But that is how it should be inside, will try to tell you. How can I fit in a handbag all necessary so that it is not messed up? To solve this problem in two ways: either to buy a bag with several compartments, or buy a few cosmetic bags and sort all items by frequency of use and method of application. Cosmetic bags can make itself, and you can use small bags for the same purpose. When choosing a handbag, pay attention, do it inside a special compartment for a wallet on the side opposite the clasp. Needs a wallet often, you should be easy to get, but the thief is hard. There you can put tickets and tokens on the phone. Such "Stateline" things as keys, it is convenient to keep in the same pocket on a chain, fastened to the strip.

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