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Prepare a wonderful dessert of whipped cream, berries and fruits! Autumn day be joyful and Sunny, if this dessert will take pride of place on your dining table!

Do autumn dessert

You will need:

whipped cream, berries and canned fruit, ice cream, candy M&M's or other pills a color glaze.

Do autumn dessert


The preparation of the dessert:


Do autumn dessert Do autumn dessert

Otkryvaet ice cream from a big cut in small slices.


Beautifully put ice cream in dessert glasses.

Do autumn dessert Do autumn dessert

Make a mix of berries and fruits (e.g. strawberries and peaches).


Gently spread the fruit and berry mix for ice-cream in the glasses.

Do autumn dessert Do autumn dessert

Take the finished whipped cream or cake mix cream of whipped cream and cook the cream according to the instructions.


Blend cream for dessert spoon or pastry syringe. Ready whipped cream otkryvaem directly from the canister.

Do autumn dessert

← Decorate the dessert sweets and put it on 10 minutes in the freezer.

You can then bring to the table!

Do autumn dessert

Fun ideas, No. 9 (2011)

Little chef

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2014-05-25 13:46:49
beautiful and delicious:))
Lera 8
2014-03-20 07:12:32
probably very vkusno
2014-01-28 14:31:33
Beautifully and it's probably good:)p)But most likely this summer variant+
2013-11-01 16:30:36
Very tasty and easy!
2013-04-24 01:17:54
2013-03-03 13:22:47
super excellent class and most importantly lehka wow so krasivo
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