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Boris Pasternak


The autumn. Fabulous Bridal chamber,
All open to review.
Clearing of forest roads,
Zaglyadevshis in the lake.

As the exhibition of paintings:
Rooms, rooms, rooms, rooms
Elm, ash, aspen
In gilt unprecedented.

Linden Hoop gold -
As the crown on the bride.
The face of the birch - under the veil
Wedding and transparent.

Buried land
Under the leaves in the ditches, pits.
In the yellow maples wing,
Like in gilt frames.

Where the trees in September
At the dawn standing in pairs,
And the sunset on their bark
Leaves a trail of amber.

Where it is impossible to step into the ravine,
That was not all know:
So raging that no step
Under foot sheet of wood.

Where sounds in the end Avenue
Echo steep descent
And dawn cherry glue
Solidifies in the form of a bunch.

The autumn. Ancient area
Old books, clothes, weapons,
Where treasures directory
Turns cold.

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