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Peter Mosquitoes Peter S. Komarov (1911-1949) is a Soviet poet. The winner of the Stalin prize of the third degree (1950 - posthumously).
He was born on 12 (25) July 1911 in the village Boeva Krestetsky uyezd, Novgorod province (now a village in Okulovsky district of Novgorod region). At first, the family moved into one of the industrial districts of Petrograd, then, in 1918, the far East, in the village of Popovka Mazanovsky district of the Amur region.
He studied at the school of peasant youth in the city is Free, then the Annunciation agricultural College. In 1925 he joined the Komsomol. In 1929, Darkrimmed the Komsomol was sent to Khabarovsk to work in the newspaper "Nabat youth (later Young Russian far East").
Poems started writing very early, the first publications appeared in 1926. In the 1930-ies were published in the Newspapers "Pacific star", "Amurskaya Pravda", in the journal "On the turn" (later the "far East"), a member of the editorial Board of which he became in 1939.
The first collection of poems P.F. Komarova "riverside" was released in Khabarovsk in 1940. Focus on literature do not really have the opportunity - almost all of the time took up newspaper work. Especially productive and has worked hard for Peter Mosquitoes in the 40-ies. As a correspondent of the Khabarovsk branch of TASS, the poet visited the construction of the largest plants having a defensive value.
During the great Patriotic war was the head of the Khabarovsk branch of TASS, published Patriotic poems, satirical skits. During the war entered the collections of his poems: "the Time fearless" (1941), "How Prussak was trapped" (1942), "East to West" (1943), "Khingan spring" and "gold glade" (1945)
In 1945, as war correspondent of TASS, P. S. Komarov participated in the military actions of the 1st far Eastern front in Manchuria. Based on these experiences they were written by three cycles of poems: "the Manchurian notebook", "Mongolian poems", "Korean motifs, which were included in many collections of P. C. Komarova.
Hard work Peter S. Komarov, poet and journalist, despite the extremely poor health, combined with an active social activities. 17 November 1947 workers, Komsomolsk-on-Amur nominated him as a candidate for Deputy of the Khabarovsk regional Council of Komsomol constituency.
In the years 1943-1946 P.F. Mosquitoes led the Khabarovsk branch of the SP of the USSR, since the re-release in Khabarovsk literary magazine "far East", who was a member of its editorial Board. In these years we have created a series of poems: "the Green belt", "New block", poems thumbnails for children about taiga residents, collections of prose stories. His cycle of poems: "the Green belt", "New block", "the Manchurian book award winning the State award for 1949 (Decree of the Soviet government on 7 March 1950). Unfortunately, Pyotr Stepanovich did not live to see this day.
The poet died 30 September 1949. He was buried at the Central cemetery in Khabarovsk.

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