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Vika Ivchenko

Vic was born in 1980 in Kiev. Four years vetch knew by heart the whole of Esenin. In five years began to write his first poems. First - baby, "a", and a year later-another - interesting for adults. In 7-8 years Vika Ivchenko already know in Kiev, in Ukraine, in the Union. The press publishes her poems, photographers knocked threshold of her home and school №17 on the hem. The young poet appears on radio, on TV, creative evenings.
In June 1989 was the guest of "Before and after midnight", which was repeated in ' 92 as best interview. In the same age of the girl attains the poetry of Pasternak, much knows by heart, as an adult it evaluates.
When she was nine (1989), in Kiev, the first collection of her poems. Soon in Moscow released the second collection. Journalists give her the well-deserved compliments, noting talent from God, its versatile, unique, poetic and inner peace.
However, on the way to a normal life, learning and creativity rises disease Chernobyl gift: impaired immune system.
With the 86th Vick hurts and writes. Treated and writes. Suffering and writes. Looking at the world through the eyes do not age wise man. With a keen sense of the possible impending doom. Her childish depth of poetic thoughts Afghan and Chernobyl cut up heart.
In search of salvation from relentless in our conditions, diseases Vika with her mother crossed the ocean.
Already here in America, published two books of poems. The last illustrated herself.
She now lives in America and information about it very little.

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