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Nikolai RybenkovNikolai Ivanovich Rybenkov was born 15 November 1909 in the village of Alekseevka Turinskoi parish Roslavl district of Smolensk province (now the Bryansk region).
N. Milenkov - known Russian poet, writer, translator, one of the founders of the Smolensk poetic school. He graduated in 1933 Smolensk pedagogical Institute. Worked in the newspaper "work path". From the mid 30s to the beginning of the great Patriotic war published six books of poetry. Since the first days of the war were on the front. He commanded a platoon in the engineer battalion, was a war correspondent army print. After the liberation of Smolensk from fascist invaders returned to his hometown. For many years head of the Smolensk branch of the Union of writers of the USSR. In the post-war years, published more than 30 of poetry and prose books, collections of journalism, translation, including essays, essays and literary portraits.
In the postwar years, published more than 30 of poetry and prose books Milenkova. In 1969, published last lifetime collections Sinica" and "crane pipe".
In the mid 50-ies N. Rybenkov returned to prose. One of the books that attracted the most readers ' attention - the story of the events of the great Patriotic War On the Old Smolensk road".
In 60-ies refers to the genre of lyrical prose: releases a book about writing skills, including essays, essays and literary portraits "Soul poetry" and "the Road goes over the fence".
In 1962 he finished his literary interpretation of "the Word about Igor's regiment". In 50-60-ies productively engaged in translational activity. Smolensk, his land and workers devotes many works, your labor cosmonaut with the work of the farmer, the grain-grower.
In the last years of his life developing a new genre of epitaphs. Poems Milenkova carved in stone in Kutuzovsky garden by the castle wall (square in memory of the Heroes) and the monument of the Sorrowful mother in Readout. On the facade of buildings in Sepolno lane, house 4 and on the street Nahimana, house 16 - memorial plaque (sculptor A., Sergeev).
In 1994 N. I. Milenkova awarded the title "Honorary citizen of the city - hero of Smolensk" (posthumously).
Died June 23, 1969 in Smolensk.

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