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Gregory Luskin Luskin Grigory Ivanovich (R. 31.08.1921) - poet, novelist. Born into a peasant family in S. High Ryazan province. Childhood was spent in Moscow, mount Falcon, where his parents had moved during the recovery of the national economy after the civil war.
After graduating from high school, he enrolled in 1938 in factory school at the Moscow plant "hammer and Sickle". After graduating from College, he worked as a welder.
In the spring of 1941, Luskin was called up for military service in the Soviet Army. And in June the war broke out. From the first day Grigory on the front. In one battle he was severely wounded and unconscious, was taken prisoner. Four long years Gregory Luskin held in the death camps. Constant hunger, severe inhuman work did not break the spirit of the poet. His poetry was strengthened in them the poet has invested the most intense feelings. In the book "don't get up on his knees soldiers" (1961) included poems written by the poet in the war. In the collection of 99 poems about home, about the war. Poems by poet extremely concise, but meaningful.
After the war, in the autumn of 1945, Gregory Luskin returned home. Worked as a welder at the plant "hammer and Sickle". The evening visited libyenne “Rolling”, which was led by the writer Y. Yakovlev.
Talent, Lunina noticed S. Y. Marshak and helped to publish his poems for children. They appeared in 1945, the newspaper “Pionerskaya Pravda”, magazine “Murzilka”, “Change”, “Spark”. First poetry collection, the poet called “My song” (1952). Here, the author leads the conversation with young readers about the different professions: the builders, drivers, tractor drivers, carpenters, bakers.
In 1958, Lusnia was admitted to the Union of writers of the USSR, and in 1959 he was adopted at the Higher literary courses Union of the USSR.
One after another out of the poetic books, And. Lunina for children: “Your car”, “New bike”, “Tim”, “Forge”, etc.

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