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Vadim Eremin Vadim G. Eremin (1941-2009) was born in 1941 in p. Lutugino Lugansk region, Ukraine. Education engineer, candidate of technical Sciences. He was a Professor, Orel state technical University. The author of 6 books of poems, 4 books of poetry for children. For the book "Landscape afternoon " and "I'm late" was awarded the national prize. And feta 2004 From 2004 to 2009 he published several books with verses Century Eremina.
But for his friends and colleagues in a creative workshop Vadim Eremin - authentic children's poet, successor of the great traditions of Soviet children's literature in the face of Elena Begining (relative which it was) and Valentin Berestov (blessing of creativity for children and received). It is children's audience was the most faithful and most sincere fan of Vadim Eremin. His poems knew recited, shared with him his first literary experiences.

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