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Petr Alekseevich Mazikin of p. Industrial Kemerovo region for more than 40 years he worked as an accountant. It was rarely mentioned that it is quite a long time engaged in the poetry that she is in his life played a huge role. But the way it was. Over time this activity became his in a searing and constant need. A quarter of a century ago, when he, an accountant by profession, was already in his fifties, he brought his poems to the editor of the regional newspaper "Echo". They were printed. Then creative communication with the regional newspaper has become a constant and remained until the last days of his life.
Alexander Tarasov, Deputy editor of the newspaper "Echo", a member of the literary club "Istok", member of the Union of journalists of the USSR, wrote: "It was not rifmopletstvo, not the whims and weaknesses of the elderly person. In his poems he is sincere, honest, he calls their names. I thank him for that, for his poems".
In 2003, the publishing house "Kuzbassvuzizdat" published the first collection of his poems for children of primary and secondary school age "Ray of sun" and "in good faith".
The book of poems "the Flying apples", "mother ship", "Us kissing the sun" appeared in the publishing house "Kuzbass" in 2005 in the series "Children's books of Kuzbass".
By order of the administration of Promyshlennoe district from 05.04.2004, district children's library was named children's poet countryman P.A. Mazikina.
Peter wrote poetry for the soul. It was love for the native land, the village, the fields, the meadows and that he carried through his entire life. In his poems there is an inexhaustible inventiveness and generosity of the soul. The author with kindness and humor leads the young reader on a merry path of childhood, play and rejoice with him, teaches wise to listen to the state of nature, to love and to cherish loved ones.

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