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Elena RannevELENA ALEKSEEVNA RANNEV - teacher, musician, poet, author of over 20 children's books published in Chelyabinsk, Miass and other cities of Chelyabinsk region.
Born in 1958, in Zlatoust. He graduated from the musical College in Mineral Waters, pedagogical Institute in the city of Sumy (Ukraine). Literary career began in Miass. Currently working in MCO-school # 9. Rannev is the author of more than a thousand poetic exercises for children. Developed and supplied about 50 scenarios of children's holidays.
Come to children's poetry when she became a mother. Having a son and a daughter, always needed in these poems, soothing, encouraging, developing, and bringing up baby. Wrote his little children their ABC's, nursery rhymes, riddles, counting-out "Osokorki", horror stories, little songs and other ideas. Grow up children, and poems for children continue to delight children and their parents.
Direct speech:
Writing for children for many years. Know that all the guys are great visionaries and inventors. And from simple childish imagination to the Grand opening just a few steps. Each of my poems is a short story from the life of boys and girls or a journey into the world of fairy tales. Merry prankster Ponaroshku and funny neat Coziness always live with the children.
I want my poems touched your heart, taught me to understand and appreciate the best human qualities. Learn to create miracles. Every great business starts with good fantazileri. One of his books I was named the"Fantazileri".
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Cm. also a collection of Fantasia Elena Randevou under "the native Language, be friends with me".

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