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Igor irtenev Igor M. irtenev (real name Rabinovich; born may 25, 1947 in Moscow) is a Russian poet, poet, member of the Moscow Union of writers and PEN centre. One of the most significant representatives of ironic trends in contemporary Russian poetry, chief editor of the magazine "Store".
Graduated from the Leningrad state Institute of television and High drama courses. Published since 1979 Author of several books of poetry. The winner of the "Golden Ostap". Participant of the TV program "Installation", "total", radio "Processed cheese". Published in the "Literary newspaper"Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, magazines and collections - "Youth", "New world", "Banner", "Shop", "world poetry Day", "Young poetry-89", "Impulse", "GN", "SP", "ECG", "P", "HIMSELF", "RPA", "Sunshine underground", etc...
In October 2011 immigrated to Israel. Explaining to a journalist its decision, irtenev complained that in Russia "there was nothing more to breathe every year and even every day of oxygen less". "I just can't every day be seen on TV Putin twelve years. I will not live long. I want freedom now."

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