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Maurice brown

Maurice brown (1899-1978) - Belgian French-speaking poet.
Maurice brown was born on 12 may 1899 in Wavre, in the family of the artist and Bucarasica. He had two sisters (one died at the age of one day) and two brothers (one of them died at eight months). He spent his childhood and youth in Wavre. At the age of 15 he wrote his first poems inspired by childhood friend, Bertha, Detre (Bertha Detry). He never stops writing. A bright student, he received a scholarship and entered the "Ecole Normale". Despite the fact that Maurice grew up in modest circumstances, his childhood was very happy, and this was reflected in his works. In 1918 he was appointed lecturer in Anderlecht. He left Wavre and settled in the suburbs of Brussels. * In 1919 he founded the literary magazine "Our Youth" ("Nos Jeunes"), renamed in 1920, in "the Independent Magazine" ("La Revue independante"). Maurice brown first cooperates with the magazine "Anthologie de Georges Linze", then becomes "La Revue sincere"(1922). In 1933 he built a house called "the White house" ("La Maison blanche") in Anderlecht, Avenue Nellie Melba, who is now the Museum of Maurice careme. He died January 13, 1978 at the age of 78 years.
Kari is one of the largest French-language poets of the twentieth century, the author of 60 books of poetry. In 1972 in Paris, he was proclaimed "king of poets", and his poetry has been translated into more than 100 languages. The main direction of creativity Karama were children's poems, and a collection of fairy Tales for Caprini" Kari was dedicated to his wife Andre Gorban.
Kari already during his lifetime has become a classic of children's poetry. We can say that all children's poets of modern France one way or another related to it, many were friends, many had studied. A quarter of a century he taught in the early grades his native Belgium. And although in 1926 he received the first prize in poetry, but only in the midst of the second world war, decided to completely devote himself to literature. He believed that a young reader needs to know and love a lot of good, bright and cheerful verses, then it will be good and kind man.
Poems Karama - and he has published more than a dozen collections - now known everywhere. These poems are lyrical and funny, poems addressed to God and to the simple baby, poems, happy and sad... They are included in the textbooks and readers, studied in schools and reading at home, because in poetry Karama concentrated whole world of childhood.
The work of Maurice careme into English translated M Yasnov, Century Berestov, A. Timonina, M Axmacher, L. Simon and S. Nesterov.

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