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Maxim Supruniuk

Maxim Borisovich Supruniuk was born January 25, 1958 in Moscow.
In 1979 he graduated from the Academy of civil aviation (Leningrad). By profession - an air traffic controller - worked at Borispol (Kiev) and the cross Bay (Chukotka).
From 1987 to 2002 he lived in Latvia. Worked Archer captain, sailor, correspondent of the newspaper "Labret", Deputy editor of the magazine for children "Dwarf", a Stoker. Member of the writers ' Union of Latvia.
For several years, was preparing pages for kids newspaper "Diena", "CM", "Jurmala". Books: "Stupid snail" (1991), "Limpet-lampada" (1994, financed by the Soros Foundation Latvia). "Adult" poems were published in the journal "Arion" (Russia), "Daugava" (Latvia) and in other periodicals.

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