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Mariyam HakimzhanovaMariyam (Hakimzhanova 1906-1993), people's poet of Kazakhstan, the interpreter.
She was born November 15, 1906 in Kostanay region, in the village Kobylandy the Kostanay region.
After finishing school he studied at the technical school at the Kazakh pedagogical Institute (1931-1932), worked by an employee, Executive Secretary of the journal "YEL tindiga" (now "the Cossack yelleri") (1932-1934).
In 1934 Mariyam Hakimzhanova husband Sergali Bermukhamedov went to work in the Orenburg region, where for several years he worked as head of the Department of the regional newspaper "Ecprd". It was a difficult time when many innocent people were convicted. And Sercial Bermukhamedov got them. In the hands Mariyam Khakimzhanov had a daughter Nurzhamal the son Atimtay, the younger brothers of her husband Magzum, Sapargali and elderly uncle Beisembai. Twenty years later, in 1957, the good name of the security officer S. Bermukhamedov was restored.
Mariyam Hakimzhanova two years (the years 1935-1937) worked as head of the library in Dombrovska district of the Orenburg region.
In the period 1939-1944, he performed the duty of the head of the Department of public Akins in the Union of writers of Kazakhstan.
In subsequent years he worked as a Junior research fellow of the Institute of linguistics and literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, a senior editor of the Republican book chamber, the literary employee magazine "Jean activities amid higher crude", a senior editor at the Kazakh state literary publishing house.
Mariyam Hakimzhanova participated in the work of the first Congress of the Union of writers of the USSR, held in 1934. Soon saw the first collection of her poems, "Songs of my aunt", who drew the attention of the readers lyricism, sincerity, sincerity.
In the collections of "mother's Love" (3953), "mother's Heart" (1958), "the Legend of the flower" (1970), "Honour" (my favorite, 1973), "Passes" (my favorite, 1976) Mariyam Hakimzhanova mainly celebrates mother's heart and feeling.
In 1960, she made the first translation of the verses of the Kyrgyz poet A. Tokombaev. Previously, she personally translated into the Kazakh language the story of the children's writer And. of Decca Fire spring "(1953).
A special milestone in the work of the poet is a poem "Manshuk", enthusiastically praised the immortal feat of the Hero of the Soviet Union.
Poems Mariyam Khakimzhanov translated into Russian, Uzbek, Karakalpak, Kyrgyz, Chinese, Belarusian, Armenian languages. For creative excellence and the promotion of universal values it repeatedly awarded with orders and medals: mealy "For valiant labor in the great Patriotic war 1941 - 1945", a medal "For labor", Honorary diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh SSR.

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