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Alexander Kushner Alexander Kushner - Russian poet. The author of more than 30 books of poetry and numerous articles on classical and modern Russian poetry, collected in two books.
Born September 14, 1936 in Leningrad. The father of the future poet Lieutenant-Colonel C. S. Kushner (1911-1980) was a naval engineer.
A. Kushner studied at the philological faculty of the Pedagogical Institute. A. Herzen. In 1959-1969, taught in the school of English language and literature. Since the late 1960s moved on to professional literary career. In 1993, signed a Letter of 42".
A member of the bot of the USSR (1965), the Russian PEN center (1987). CH. the editor of the Library of the poet" (1992; 1995 - "New library of the poet"). Member of the editorial boards W crystals "Star", "Counterpoint" (1998), the virtual W-La "Art-Petersburg" (since 1996).
Married to the poet Elena Puspadewi. The only son of Eugene and his family live in Israel.
In poetry follows the principles laid down by acmeists and family on the poetics of the authors (I. Annenskii to Boris Pasternak): description of the objective world, of life and involvement in world culture (citing). Kushner alien formal experimentation, innovation: blank verse, free verse, the creation of new words.
I. Brodsky made a General assessment of the creativity of the poet: "Alexander Kushner is one of the best lyric poets of the twentieth century, and his name is destined to stand among the names dear to the heart of anyone whose native language is Russian".
Verses Kouchner characteristic modesty, proximity to prose; the skill of the poet is revealed only at a leisurely reading of these passages is in accordance with the fact, as he Kushner reveals the world around us.
Book of poems by A. Kushner was published in translation in English, Dutch, Italian. Poems have been translated into German, French, Japanese, Hebrew, Czech and Bulgarian.

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