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Igor ned Igor Aleksandrovich NED was born on 9 November 1934 and has lived all his life in Leningrad. In the mountains first came in June 1955 ("Alibek").
Started pop drama since his student years, and all life was connected with the stage, stage. Since 1963 he wrote sketches, monologues, skits and skits performed by famous masters of the genre - Ariminum, Limonovym and Vnovitski, E. Petrosyan, B. Bentsianov, V. Vinokur, K. Novikova, G. Hasanova, J. Arlozorov. He devoted an article in a Large Variety of the Encyclopedia.
The author of many works in verse and prose dedicated to the mountains, including the famous "Crocuses" - unusually sad lyrical songs. Also the author of several books. Education - engineer-physicist (graduate of Polytechnic Institute, 1962).
Igor Alexandrovich belong scenarios dozen programs in Moscow and Leningrad theatres Pop in the GSC "Russia" in Moscow, in the concert hall in Leningrad, Moscow Olympic complex" on both Large and Small arena of the Luzhniki stadium, the arena of the Great Palace of Sports in Victory Park and Jubilee Sports Palace Leningrad State jazz ensembles in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, dir. of O. Lundstrem, E. Rozner, I. Weinstein. He is the author of a large program in the state concert hall "Russia" "And I go, walking around Moscow", which opened the jubilee celebrations in honor of the 850th anniversary of Moscow.
Central television And. Vinogradsky was co-author of such transmission, as the "new year party" 2000/2001, and some gear series "Under the sign of the zodiac", etc.
Since 1994, he taught at the University of Culture and Arts course "Screenwriting".
Igor Alexandrovich was also fond of mountaineering. In his account had 15 ascents fifth and one - sixth category of difficulty. Climbing instructor (1964). The best climbing: Khan Tengri (1970), Communism peak (1972).
Died December 11, 2008 75 year life after a long illness.

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