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Natalia Ivanova

Direct speech:
Born in Tomsk, grew up in Moscow.
Chemist, a graduate of Moscow state University, candidate of technical Sciences. Worked in a research Institute, went on thermal and nuclear power stations, studied the corrosion. Now working in one of the divisions of the company "ConsultantPlus" (the company is engaged in the dissemination of legal information).
Writing is my hobby.
Look at the world in a childlike way help his daughter Catherine and son Dmitry.
Author of "guess Who?", "About everything", "School riddles", "Teddy bear town", Pencil country", "New year in the garden" and co-author, including the transfer of "good night, kids!".
Print log "Cucumber", "Kvazhdy-kVA", "My world", "Makovets",
"Provincial intellectual", "Student", "the Beast is my favorite".
Gold Diploma WIA-2009 in the nomination "For the children".
Gold winner WIA-2010 in the nomination "For the children".
Silver winner WIA-2010 in the category "Humor".

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