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Alexander Yashin

Alexander Yakovlevich Yashin (real name - Popov; 1913-1968) - Russian and Soviet novelist and poet. The winner of the Stalin prize of the second degree (1950).
Alexander Popov was born on 14 (27) March 1913 in the village of Bludova (now St. Nicholas area Vologda region) in a peasant family. First published in 1928.
In 1931, graduated from teachers College in the city of Nikolsk, he was a teacher in the village, read a lot, wrote poetry, worked in the Vologda and Arkhangelsk Newspapers began to be printed in 1928. The first collection of poems "Songs of the North" was published in 1934 in Arkhangelsk. Shortly before the First Congress of Soviet writers became Chairman of the organizing Committee it Vologda branch. In 1935 he moved to Moscow. He studied at the Institute of Literature. A. M. Gorky, from which he graduated in 1941. At the same time worked as an assistant editor of the newspaper.
During the great Patriotic war, volunteered for the front as a war correspondent and political worker participates in the defense of Leningrad and Stalingrad, the liberation of the Crimea. In 1942-1943 published his collection of poetry "In the Baltic sea was" and "the City of wrath".
In the postwar years, traveled around the country: trip to the North of the Altai, on the construction of hydroelectric power stations on virgin soil. Impressions are reflected in the collected poems "Countrymen" (1946), "Soviet man" (1951), in the poem "Fomina Alena" (1949).
In his speech at the Second Congress of the JV USSR recognized its share of guilt for the fact that literature Stalin's time was insincere, citing a lack of civil courage, called for the return of Esenin Soviet literature. Since that time, creativity Yashin has changed dramatically, in each work he strove to the utmost integrity.
The story "Levers" (1956) about the suppression of the identity of the party apparatus was not republished until the time of perestroika. The story "my son", written in 1958, was not published until 1987, and several short stories. Unadorned picture of farm life in the story "the Vologda wedding" (1962) was attacked dogmatic critics.
A. I. Yashin died July 11, 1968 in Moscow. He was buried in his native village.

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