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The Paume's Farhadi

The Paume's hecimovich Farhadi (R. 1942) - poet, novelist, playwright, children's writer, translator, honored worker of culture of Uzbekistan.
Born in 1942 in the city of Samarkand in Bogishamol. His ancestors were military leaders, gardeners, grandfather and father - famous medical scientists. The doctor was Paume's.
The first verses began to compose before school, before the alphabet, simple folding of the word. Once, as a boy, he wrote a line about the first flight of man into space:
This is only the beginning
And there shall be no end:
From the earth's pier
Sailing heart...

Verses printed on the pages of Newspapers and magazines, and their author was among the 50 winners of the poetry competition, which was attended by more than 16 thousand people who lived in different republics.
Children's impressions of the beauty of their native land, deeply sunk into the soul of the boy, gradually began to be expressed in the word, its rich expressiveness and imagery. As it turned out, the passion for poetry, literature, history became his vocation for life. The Paume's Farhadi called his first little book "Morning song" (1964). Were then published the book "Ant metro", "Dreamer", "the Gardens of the winds", "Afrasiab Murals and many others. Works by Paume's Farhadi translated into different languages of the world.
The poetic world of the poet is not only the richness and originality, but also exceptional integrity. No matter what was written by the poet of the postwar childhood, about the disappearance of the Aral sea, about friendship and love, sincere and generous. The poet not only describes the events and phenomena that surround him, he wants to understand their innermost secrets. In recognition of the poet, poetry is also a kind of plant of plant of mind and heart, they are very musical and lyrical permeated with the light of stars. The poet writes them as if heard from birds, springs, mountains, grass.
R. Farhadi not only creates his poems, he also translates into Russian the works of A. Navoi and his contemporaries.

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