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Vladimir Borisov

Vladimir Borisov - a children's poet. He is the author of more than 200 books ("the Merry primer", "King city", "best mom", "Funny zoo", "the grasshopper song"), scripts for television "a Thousand and one word".
In collaboration with composers Vladimir Morozov, Gregory Gladkova he wrote the lyrics to songs the musical "the Magic ring", the libretto for the Opera "Tuta Karlsson".
He has three higher education, experience in large editions, children's Newspapers, magazines, publishing houses.
One of the universities that graduated from Vladimir Mikhailovich, physical, after his graduation he became a teacher in athletics. "Special awards for athletic achievement is not received. There were letters. Remember, once the clock gave. And the places I passed. Went into the army," says the author in an interview.
He served in the Republic of Buryatia.
After the army, he graduated from the Institute of history and culture. Participated in the excavation of ancient Phanagoria on the Azov sea. He was Commissioner of the student's archaeological Department.
About the beginning of his creativity Vladimir says: "I wrote poetry in secret from his wife, ran to the publisher. So, from the outside it may seem like a protracted childhood. And once showed their Yuri Sash, who advised to enroll in the Institute of Literature named after Maxim Gorky. In 1997 he became a member of the Union of writers of Russia. In every man there is a point talent. I'm still learning. I love when children are happy, the people rejoice... "

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