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Leonid Soroka

Leonid Moiseevich Forty - Russian poet. Born July 2, 1940 in Kiev.

Born July 2, 1940 in Kiev. While the first memory is a small forest village Kez in Udmurtia. Remember when Stalin died, I was in my 12 years trying to live together with others, and on his father's face was hidden suspicious of fun. Lord, so who knows what I remember of what many have no idea. For example, sandals, woven from bast. With what delight I worked on his socks, then tied these lotocki and relish spanked them in the autumn of viscous mud. And lipocell pine resin, and aromas of petrol in the garage, where there were obtained by the "lend-lease" Studebakers", and the smell of horse manure characteristic to timber enterprises in the stables, and chanterelles growing right under the house - all this was somewhere at the bottom.
And travel to school in a sleigh-sledge, and the first acquaintance with the "internationalist"who tried to drown me under the bridge, when I later returned home from school, and fights on the dance floor with the knuckles and blades. Those of classmates who are less fortunate, already far away.
Return to Kiev, where he was born, but where was taken the breast. Plant research Institute with samizdat under the table. The army and my own war with the "learned" me. But thanks to the army for what led me to Simferopol and her friendship with a bright person and a brilliant satirist and children's poet Vladimir Natanovich Orlov.
Seminars translators in the literary Institute, where my partisan dragged kindest Lev Ozerov. A brief, but memorable band meetings with unbending of a Young Moritz and expensive standing advice.
And then trip, after University, on Sakhalin and in Central Asia. Five years of friendship with Turkmenistan. "Ah, Oriental translations, it hurts you my head!"
First books published as boots longshoreman, with a terrible squeak. Thanks to the magazine "Youth" and worked there for Serezha Drobenko, and then Nathan Zlotnikov, Oleg Chuchontseva and stake Novikov - three times I managed to come up with collections of poems in the then super-duper popular magazine.
In Kiev was published two books of poetry "In the light of the young" (Fry, 1986) and "Moment of being" (Radenski Pismenny, 1989). Several books for children (Ed-VA "Veselka". "The kid"). A Collection Of "Youth. Favorites" (1980 Ed. "The truth").
More than twenty years he headed the Department of literature of the Republican children's newspaper in Kiev. At first it was called "Young Leninist" and had a circulation of half a million copies. Then it was called "Change", when things began to change, and its circulation was such that he could barely be enough for students two or three schools.
At the end of Soviet power, cowardly not waiting until she is deathly ill, with his wife Rosa and their two sons, Yuri and He, stopping in a dark post-Communist Bucharest, flew to the country of Israel. And here, "the priest had a dog." Again, as in early youth, at first the plant. And string courses. For journalists, for Tulegenov, something another, resulting in no one was, but in Hebrew began to speak and write freely.
But the poems were remembered less. Of these rare memoirs was born the book "the Wailing Wall", the output of which is in new York and the beautiful pictures in it I owe to the artist of rare talent and my best friend Michael Glaser. Then in St. Petersburg published a new book "the Galilean circle".
Journalism remained where it might go.
Recently, in St. Petersburg was published my children's book About a little mouse Sean, about Amsterdam the cat Tom and about various other".
Live in Israel. Member of the writers ' Union of Israel, member of the International PEN club.

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