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The Tale P. Bazhov

Lived in our factory the old one, nicknamed Carovana.

Family of Kokomani left, he decided to take in the orphan children. Asked the neighbors, I don't know what one is, and neighbors and say:

- Recently Glinka Aerotel family Gregory Potopaeva. Senior-girls salesman told in a lordly rukodelie to take, and one little girl in the sixth year nobody needs. So you take it.

- Not convenient for me with the little girl. Presecco would be better. Taught him his business, accomplice would raise was. And with the girl? What I teach her something going?

Then he thought and said:

- I have known Grigoria, and his wife too. Both fun Yes were clever. If a little girl my parents would go, not sad with her in the house will be. 'll take it. Will only go?

Neighbors explained:

Bad life from her. The foreman's hut Grigoriev gave some Haruno and ordered for this orphan to feed until they grow up. And that his family more than a dozen. Do not eat their fill. Here is the hostess and usedata on orphan; poprikaet her piece. She is little and understands. It's a shame her. How not to go from this life! Yes and persuades go-to.

And that's true, ' says Cocobana will persuade some.

On this festive day, and he came to those people who have the orphan lived. Sees a full house of people, large and small. On golbocica, by the stove, the little girl sitting next to her cat brown. Little girl little, and the little cat and before thin peeled Yes, that is rarely the same in the house will be allowed. The little girl this cat petting, and she also purrs loudly that the whole house can hear.

Looked Cocobana on the little girl and asks:

"Do you Grigorieva-podreka?

The hostess is responsible:

- She is the most. Little one, so even a cat torn somewhere picked up. To drive away can't. All of my guys have pericarpel, but still you feed it!

Carovana and says:

- Unkind, you can see your boys. She purrs out.

Then asks the orphan:

- Well, as Paderewski will come live with me?

The little girl was surprised:

You, dedo, as I learned that I put the name?

So Yes, " answers itself came out. Did not think, did not expect, accidentally hit.

"You anyone? asked the little girl.

I said, " like the hunter. Summer Sands washed, gold is mined, and in the winter on forests for goat run all to see can't.

- You kill him?

"No, " answered Carovana. - Simple Kozlov shoot, and that's not going to. I see hunting, in which place his right front leg will stomp their.

- Are you on it?

"But we will come to me to live, and all will tell you, " replied Carovana.

The little girl was curious about the goat to learn. And he sees an old man gay Yes affectionate. She says:

- Go. Only you have this cat Murenko also take. Look, what is good.

- About it, " says Cocobana, what to say. Such ringing the cat does not take a fool to remain. Instead balalaika she is with us in the house will be.

Mistress hears their conversation. Rada-radionica that Cocobana orphan to his calling. Became rather Drankini belongings to collect. Afraid that the old man did not change his mind.

The cat, too, seemed to understand the whole conversation. Rubs at his feet-then Yes purrs:

- PR-raveline invented. PR-raveline.

Here and took Cocobana orphan to yourself to live.

The great bearded Yes, and she's tiny and noziska button. Go but the street, and koshchanka peeled for them opriginal.

And began to live together grandfather Cocobana, orphan put Yes cat of Marenka. There fared a good many were not made, and to live not cry, and every thing was.

Cocobana morning at work went. The put in the house was cleaned up, a mess Yes, porridge cooked, and the cat of Muranka hunting went mice caught. In the evening we are going, and fun to them.

The old man was the master of the tale be told. The put loved those tales to listen to, and the cat of Muranka lies Yes purrs:

- PR-raveline says. PR-raveline.

Only after all the tales put let me remind you:

- Dedo, about scum-tell. What is it?

Cocobana pleaded first, and then said:

The goat special. His right front leg silver hoof. At what point will this stomp their hoof - and there appears expensive stone. Time will stomp their one stone, two will Pat your two stone, and where the leg to beat will be - there's a pile of expensive stones.

Said it, and was not happy. Since then Darence and only talk about that goat.

- Dedo, and he great?

Told her Cocobana that the growth of the goat is not in the above table, legs slender, the head light.

And put again asks:

- Dedo, and horns he have?

- Horns - that-meets - excellent. Ordinary goats into two branches, and he has five branches.

- Dedo, and he who eats?

No one is responsible,not eat. The grass and the sheet is fed. Well, hay, too, in the winter, Stozhkov were searching.

- Dedo, and the hair he had?

In the summer, " says, " Burenka, as here at Morenci our winter gray.

- Dedo, and it stuffy?

Cocobana even angry:

- What kind of stuffy! Domestic goats are, and forest goat, forest and he smells.

Was autumn Cocobana into the forest to gather. It was necessary for him to see which side is more goats grazing. The put and go on to ask:

- Take me, dedo, with him. I may be at least the distance of the RAM will see.

Carovana and explains to her:

- In the distance-it will be not out. All goats in the fall of horns there. Do not disassemble, how many of their branches. Winter here is another matter. Simple hornless goats go, and this, Silver hoof, always with horns, even in summer, though in winter. Then its distance to recognize you.

Were things better. Stayed put at home, and Cocobana went to the forest.

Five days later I came back Cocobana home, tells the Put:

Now in Poldnevskiy side many goats grazing. There and go in the winter.

"But how, " asks the put, in winter in the woods to spend the night will be?

There, he answers, ' I winter fair at mowing LogKow delivered. Good show, with a hearth, with a window. Well there.

The put again asks:

Silver hoof on the same side grazing?

- Who knows. Maybe he's there.

The put here and go on to ask:

- Take me, dedo, with him. I'm in the booth to sit will. Maybe Silver hoof close fit, I would think.

The old man first hand waved.

"What are you! What you are! Quite whether the case in winter in the woods a little girl to walk! On skis you have, and you don't know how. Presnell in the snow. As you and I going to be? Will freeze again!

Only put not far behind:

Take it, dedo! Ski-I little know how.

Cocobana begged-begged, and then thought to myself: "Keep do? Time visit another will not sabrosita".

So he says:

I'll take it. But Hey, in the forest not to cry and go home to no time to ask.

As winter is in full force entered, they began into the forest to gather. Put Cocobana on a hand sled crackers two bags, left hunting and other things that he needs. The put also the knot itself has imposed. Loskutov took the doll dress sewing, thread ball, needle and even rope. "You can't do that - thinks - this rope Silver hoof to catch?"

Sorry put the cat to leave, but what can you do. Petting a cat-then good-bye, talking to her:

We, Marenka, with Santa in the woods will go, and you sit at home, catch mice. As we will see Silver hoof, and return. I then will tell all.

Cat slyly looks, and she purrs:

- PR-raveline invented. PR-raveline.

Went Cocobana with Put! All the neighbors devouts:

- From the mind vigils old man! Such a small girl in a forest in the winter led!

As steel Cocobana with Put from the plant to leave, I hear dogs something very worried. Such barking Yes squeal raised that beast on the streets saw. Looked around - and it Muranka the middle of the street running from dogs bounces. Muranka to the time recovered. Big and became healthy. Dogs to it and do not dare to approach.

He wanted to put the cat to catch the Yes home to carry, only where you are! Ran Muranka to the forest, and pine. Go catch!

Shout the put, couldn cat lure. What to do? They went further. Look - Muranka party runs. And before the show got.

That was in their cabin three. The put boasts:

- More fun that way.

Cocobana podujeve:

- You know, fun.

And the cat of Muranka curled up by the stove and purrs loudly:

- PR-raveline say. PR-raveline.

Goats in the winter there were many. This simple. Cocobana every day one or two to the farce was brought. Skins they have goat meat has gotten on hand sleds not to take. Should be in the plant for the horse to go, how the Put the cat in the woods to leave! And put got used in the forest. Itself says the old man:

- Dedo, go thou to the plant for the horse. We have corned carry home.

Cocobana surprised:

"So I Razumnitsa, Daria Grigoryevna. As most judged. Only sabishisa, scat one.

"What, " says, " be afraid. The farce we have a strong, wolves can't achieve. And Marenka with me. Will not taboos. And you quickly vorochalsja still!

Went Carovana. Stayed put with Morenci. During the day it was habitually without Kokomani to sit until he goats were hunted down... How to darken became, saponifies. Only looks Muranka lies spokojnego. The put and cheered. Sat down at the window, looking in the direction of mowing LogKow and sees - in the woods some ball rolling. As a closer he came, saw is a goat runs. Legs slender, the head doesn't weigh much, and the horns in five branches.

Ran out put to look, and no one. It was turned back, and says:

Apparently I dozed off. I think.

Muranka purrs:

- PR-raveline say. PR-raveline.

On the put next to the cat, and fell asleep until morning.

Another day has passed. The return of Carovana. Smachnenka was a Gift and not crying. Stroking Murenko Yes sentences:

- Do not be bored, Marinochka! Tomorrow dedo will come.

Muranka his song sings:

- PR-raveline say. PR-raveline.

Sat again Arinushka at the window, watched the stars. Wanted to sleep, suddenly on the wall a little pattering of feet was. Scared the put, and a little pattering of feet on the other wall, then the one where the little window, then the door, and there on top of sapotaceae. Not loud, though light Yes quick walks. The put and thinks: "Not a goat if he, yesterday, ran?"

And before that she wanted to see what fear does not hold. Opened the door, looks, and the goat is here, it is close. Right front leg raised - that'll Pat your a silver hoof shines, and horns of a goat on the five branches. The put does not know what she should do, and beckons him home as:

- IU-ka! IU-ka!

The goat on it as she laughed. He turned and ran.

Came Arinushka in the booth, tells Morence:

- I looked at a Silver hoof. And horns seen and hoof seen. Not only seen as the goat leg expensive stones knocks. Other times, it is visible, will show.

Muranka know your song sings:

- PR-raveline say. PR-raveline.

The third day passed, and all Kokomani no. Does clouded the put. Tears separatively. Wanted to Morenci to talk, and it is not. Here is afraid Arinushka, from farce ran a cat to look.

Night month, the bright, far-sight. Looking put - cat close mowing on spoon sitting, and before her goat. Worth, leg raised, and on her silver hoof glitters.

Muranka shakes his head, and a goat too. Though talking. Then they began by mowing spoons to run. Run-runs a goat, stop and let the hoof beat. Muranka will run goat will bounce again and hoof beats. Long have they been so for mowing spoons ran. Not seen them became. Then back to the cabin were turned back.

Here jumped the goat on the roof and give it a silver hoof beat. Like sparks from under the legs of the stones fell. Red, blue, green, turquoise - all.

This time just Carovana and returned. To know your booth can't. All of it as a bunch of expensive stones began. And on-shimmers in different lights. At the top of the goat stands and beats all da beats silver hoof, and the stones are falling Yes spilling. Suddenly Muranka jump there. Stood next to a goat, loud mewing, and neither Morenci or Silver hoof did not.

Cocobana immediately Paepke stones Zagreb, Yes put requested:

- Don't touch, dedo! Tomorrow afternoon is still on it's look.

Carovana and obeyed. Only in the morning-the big snow fell. All the stones and fell asleep. Was peregrinari then snow, it found nothing. Well, them and that was enough, as Cocobana cap has Magreb.

All is good, but Morenci sorry. More so it is not seen, and Silver hoof, too, did not appear. Liked times - and will be.

And the mowing spoons, where the goat jumped, people find stones of steel. Little green more. A fabulous called. Did you see that?

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