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The Tale Century Kaverin

In the camp there was a new teacher. Nothing special, ordinary educator! Big black beard gave him a strange look, because it was big, and it is small. But it was not the beard!

This summer camp was a boy. His name was Petka sparrows. Then there was this one girl. Her name was Tanya Zabotkina. All told her that she was brave, and that she really liked. Besides, she loved to look in the mirror and although each time found there only himself, but still looked and looked.

And Petka was a coward. He said that he was a coward, but he said that but he's smart. And true: he was smart and noticed that another brave and not notice.

And then one day he noticed that a new teacher every morning rises very good, and in the evening becomes very angry.

It was amazing! In the morning you though that he ask - never fails! By lunchtime, he was quite angry and dead after hours only stroked his beard and spoke not a word. And so in the evening! Better for him not to come! He flashed his eyes and growled.

The guys enjoyed the fact that in the morning it is good. In the river sat two hours, shot from a slingshot, pulled girls spit. Each did what he liked. But already after lunch - no! All went quiet, polite and just listened, not growls there a "Beard" - called him so. Guys who loved to Snitch, went to him that night, before going to sleep. But he usually was deferred punishment for tomorrow, and in the morning rose already very soft-hearted. With kind eyes and a good long black beard!

It was a mystery! But it was not the whole puzzle, but only half.

Petka loved reading: should be, that's why he was so smart. He got into the habit of reading when the other guys were still asleep.

And then one day, waking up early in the morning, he remembered that he left his book in the reading room. The reading room was next to the bathroom Beard, and when Petya ran past, he thought: "I Wonder what's Beard in a dream?" By the way, the door to his room was opened not really, but just to look. Petka went on tiptoe and looked over.

Know what he saw? Beard was standing on his head! Perhaps, one could think that this morning.

Beard stood a little, and then sighed and sat down on the bed. He sat very sad and they all sighed. And then - again! And again on the head so good, it was just for him exactly the same thing to stand on his feet. It was indeed a mystery!

Petka decided that the Beard had been a clown or acrobat. But why would he now be standing on his head, but still early in the morning when no one is looking?

And why is he sighed and sadly shook his head?

Petka thought and thought, and although he was very smart, but still did not understand. Just in case he did not tell anybody that the new teacher was standing on his head - it was a mystery! But then he gave in and told Tanya.

Tanya first believed.

"You're lying, " she said.

She began to laugh and furtively looked at myself in the mirror: she was wondering what she laughs.

"And you're not dreaming?

- No.

If not a dream, but actually dreamed.

But Petka gave my word, and then she believed that it was not a dream.

Need to tell you that Tanya was very fond of a new teacher, though he was so strange. She even liked his beard. He often told her stories, and Tanya was ready to listen to them from morning till night.

And so the next morning the whole house was still asleep - Petka and Tanya met at reading and went on tiptoe to the Beard. But the door was closed, and they only heard Beard sighs.

And I need to tell you that the window of this room looked out on the balcony, and, if you go to post, you could see the worth of Beard on his head or not. Petka was afraid, and Tanya went. She got in and looked at myself in the mirror to see whether not so it was in disarray. Then tiptoed to the window and gasped: Beard was standing on his head!

Here and Petka did not survive. Although he was a coward, but curious, and then he had to speak to Tanya: "yeah, I told you!" That's got him, and they began to look out the window and to whisper.
Of course, they didn't know that the window opened inwards. And when Petka and Tanya came over him and began to whisper, it suddenly swung open. Time! and the guys fell right to the feet of the Beard, that is not to the feet, and to the head, because he was standing on his head. If this story took place in the evening or after quiet hours, guska would then Tanya and Petya! But the Beard, as it is known,
the morning was very soft-hearted! So he stood on his feet, just said to the guys, not really whether they're hurt.

Petka was neither alive nor dead. And she even took out a mirror to see not lost if it the bow while flying.

"Well, boys, " sadly said Beard, I could certainly tell you that the doctor ordered me to stand on my head in the morning. But we should not lie. Here is my story.

When I was a little boy like you, Peter, " I was very rude. Never get up from the table, I'm not telling my mom "Thank you", and when I wanted a quiet night, only showed the tongue and laughed. Ever time I did not come to the table, and had a thousand times to call me, until I finally spoke. In the notebooks I was so filthy that I was unpleasant.
But if I was rude, it was not worth to pay attention to cleanliness in notebooks. Mom said, "Politeness and accuracy". I was rude - began to be careless.

I never knew that the hours, and hours seemed to me the most useless thing in the world. After hours and without known when hungry! And when you want to sleep, except without hours not known?

And then one day to my nanny (we in the house have lived for many years an old nanny) came to visit one old woman.

But she entered, as soon became evident, what is it clean and tidy. On her head she had a clean handkerchief, and his spectacles on his nose with a bright rim. In her hands she held a clean wand, and she was, must be the most clean and tidy woman in the world.

So she came, and put the stick in the corner. She took off her glasses and laid on the table. The handkerchief also took and laid it on his lap.

Of course, now I wish I liked this lady. But then she told me why is that I did not like. So when she politely told me: "Good morning, boy!" I showed her tongue and walked away.

And here's what I've done, guys! I slowly came back, crawled under the table and pulled the woman Blankie. Moreover, I stole it from under the nose glasses. Then I put on his glasses, he tied a handkerchief, came out from under the table and began to walk hunched over and leaning on Starostina stick.

Of course, it was very bad. But it seemed to me that the old lady is not so offended at me. She only asked whether I am rude, but instead I reply again showed her language.

"Listen, kid, " she said, leaving. "I can't teach you good manners. But I can teach you the accuracy and precision to politeness, as we know, only one step. Fear not, I will not turn you into a wall clock, although you should have, because the clock is the most polite and accurate thing in the world. They never talk superfluous and only know yourself do the trick. But
I feel sorry for you. Because the clock is always hanging on the wall, and it's boring. I will turn you into an hourglass".

Of course, if I knew who this old lady, I would not show her language. It was a fairy Courtesy and Accuracy - no wonder she was in such a clean handkerchief, with such clean glasses on his nose...

And now she was gone, and I turned into an hourglass. Of course, I did not become a real hourglass. Now I have, for example, beard, and where vidana the hourglass beard! But I was just like watches. I was the exact man in the world. And exactly to politeness, as we know, only one step.

Perhaps you want to ask me, guys, "Then why are you so sad?" Because the main fairy Courtesy and Accuracy never told me. She said that every morning I have to stand on my head, because during the day the sand poured down, but when sand clocks, sand poured down, they need to turn upside down. She said that in the morning, when the watch is in order, I'm very soft-hearted, and the closer the evening, the will become angrier. That's why I'm so sad, guys! I don't want to be evil, because I am actually really good. I don't want every morning to stand on my head. In my years it's gross and stupid. I even grew a long beard that was not visible that I am sad. But a little helps me beard!

Of course, the boys listened with great interest. Petka looked him straight in the mouth, and Tanya never looked in the mirror, although it would be very interesting to know, what is it, when listening to a story about sand clocks.

- And if you find the fairy, " she said, " and ask for it again did you?

- Yes it can be done, of course, " said Beard. If you I'm really sorry.

"Very, " said Tanya. "I am so sorry, honestly. Moreover, if you were a boy, as Petka... And caregiver to stand on my head uncomfortable.

Petka also said that Yes, sorry, and then the Beard gave them the address fairies Courtesy and Accuracy, and asked them to enquiries for him.

No sooner said than done! But Petka was suddenly afraid. He did not know, polite he or impolite. And suddenly the fairy Courtesy and Accuracy you want and its in something to turn?

And Tanya went to the fairy one...

It was the clean room in the world! On a clean floor was covered in multi-colored clean rugs. The Windows were so clean that I couldn't even determine where the end of the glass and the air begins. To clean the window sill stood geranium, and every leaf and shone.

In one corner was a cage with a parrot, and he had this look as if he every morning to clean soap. And the other hung Jodeci. What were these wonderful Jodeci! They didn't say anything, but only "tick-tock", but this meant: "You want to know what time is it? Please."

The very fairy was sitting at the table and drank black coffee.

- Hello! "said Tanya.

And bowed as politely as he could. When she looked in the mirror to see how she did it.

"Well, Tanya, " said the fairy, " I know why you came. But no, no! This is a very naughty boy.

He is no longer a boy, " said Tanya. - He has a long black beard.

For me he is still a boy, " said the fairy. "No, please, don't ask for it! I can't forget how he stole my glasses and handkerchief and as he mocked me, hunched over and leaning on a stick. I hope that since then, he often remembers me.

Tanya thought with this old aunt you have to be very polite, and just in case bowed to her again. When she looked again in the mirror to see how she did it.

- Or maybe you still spell it? - she asked. We love, especially in the morning. If the camp will know that he has to stand on his head, over it will be a laugh. I so regret...

"Oh, you feel sorry for him? - growled the fairy. Is another matter. This is the first condition for me to forgive. But whether that is because you the second condition?


- You must give up what you love most in the world. - And the fairy showed up at the mirror that she just took out of my pocket to see how it looks when talking to the fairy. "You don't have to look in the mirror exactly one year and one day.

Why! That Tanya did not expect. A whole year not to look in the mirror?

How can that be? Tomorrow at pioneer camp farewell ball, and Tanya was just going to wear a new dress, the one she wanted to wear the whole summer.

- It is very inconvenient, " she said. For example, in the morning, when braid braids. How do without a mirror? Because I'm disheveled, and you yourself would not like it.

"As you wish, " said the fairy.

Tanya thought.

"Of course, it's terrible. Because, frankly, I look in the mirror every minute, and then Hello! A whole year and even the whole day! But to me it's still easier than the poor Beard every morning to stand upside down".

"I agree, " she said. - Here is my mirror. I will come for him next year.

And through the day, " said the fairy.

And now Tanya returned to the camp. Along the way she tried not to look, even in puddles, which came across to meet her. She was not supposed to see myself exactly one year and a day. Oh, this is a very long time! But once she decided, then so be it.

Of course, Petka she spoke, what is it, and nobody else, because although he was brave, but still was afraid that the girls will take and slipped the mirror - and then all is lost! And Petka can't give it.

- I wonder if you will see yourself in a dream? - he asked.

- In a dream not considered.

- And if you're in a dream will look in the mirror?

Also not considered.

Beard she just said that fairy will rascaldom it through the year and day. He was delighted, but not really, because you don't really believe it.

And now for Tanya began the difficult days. While she lived in the camp, it was possible somehow to do without a mirror. She asked Petka:

- Be my mirror!

And he looked at her and said, for example: "the Curve of the curvature or Bow tied askew". He even noticed that the Tanya never came. In addition, he respected her for her strong will, though, and believed that the year does not look in the mirror - it's just nonsense. He, for example, if the two did not look!

But summer is ended, and she returned home.

What is wrong with you, Tanya? "asked her mother when she returned. "You probably ate blueberry pie?

"Oh, it's because before I left I had not seen petite, " replied Tanya.

She had completely forgotten that my mom knows nothing about this story. But Tanya didn't want to tell: what if nothing happens?

Yes, it was no joke! The day passed after day, and she even forgot what it is, and the first thought that pretty. Now it happened that she had imagined herself a beauty, and she sat with ink blot on his forehead! Sometimes, on the contrary, she felt a real freak, and she was pretty red-faced, with a thick braid, with sparkling eyes.

But all this is nothing compared to what happened at the Palace of pioneers.

In the city, where she lived Tanya, was to open the Palace of pioneers. It was a wonderful Palace! In one room was the bridge, and you can scream shout: "Stop! Back up!" In the mess the guys were playing chess, and in the workshops learned to make toys - not some, but very real.

Toy wizard in a black round cap told the boys: "so" or "This is wrong". In the hall of mirrors were mirrored walls and wherever I look, it was the mirror glass tables, chairs and even carnations, which in mirror framed pictures hung. The mirror was reflected in the mirrors - and the hall seemed endless.

The whole year the guys were waiting for this day, many had the opportunity to show their art. Violinists on the whole hours did not part with the violins, so that even their parents had from time to time to lay his ears with cotton wool. Artists went smeared with paints. The dancers practiced from morning till evening, and among them - Tanya.

As she was preparing for this day! Ribbons that are plaiting the hair, she stroked eight times her all wanted spits they remained as smooth as on the Ironing Board. The dance, which Tanya had to do it every night, danced in a dream.

And then came the solemn day. Violinists last took up his violin, and his parents were taken cotton out of your ears to hear them minuets and waltzes. Tanya was the last time he danced his dance. It's time! And all ran to the Palace of pioneers.

Who Tanya met at the door? The Petka.

Of course, she said to him:

- Be my mirror!

He examined it from all sides and said that everything was good, but the nose as potatoes. But Tanya was so worried that he has not got.

There was the Beard. The opening was scheduled for twelve o'clock in the morning, and so he was still good. They put him in the front row, because not the same person with such beautiful long beard to put in the second or third. He sat and waited impatiently for when you are Tanya.

And here violinists performed their waltzes and minuets, and artists showed how wonderfully they know how to draw, and the Chief Steward with a big blue bow on the chest came running and shouted:

- Tanya!

- Tanya! Tanya! On the stage! - shouted the boys.

- We will dance Tanya - gladly said Beard. - But where is it?

In fact, where is it? In the darkest corner she sat and cried, covering his face with his hands.

- I won't dance, " she said to the Chief Administrator. I didn't know that I would have to dance in the hall of mirrors.

- What nonsense! - said the Chief Steward. - It's very beautiful! You will find yourself at once in one hundred mirrors. Do you dislike it?

First time in my life met such a girl!

- Tanya, you promised - so should! said guys.

It was quite true: she promised means should. And nobody could explain what was happening, only the Petka! But Petka at this time stood on
the bridge and spoke into the mouthpiece: "Stop! Back up!".

"Good, " said Tanya, I am going to dance.

She was in a light white dress, such a light, clean and white, the very fairy Courtesy and Accuracy, which is so loved purity, would have remained happy with it.

Beautiful girl! This came, as she appeared on stage. "But look, " said all to herself, as she will dance".

Of course, it was very well danced, especially when it was possible to spin in one place, or to bow, curtsey, or beautiful shrug. But
strange: when you had to run across the stage, she stopped halfway and suddenly turned back. She danced as if the scene was very
small and need to tell you that the scene was very large and high, as expected in the Palace of pioneers.

"Yes, well, " said they all. But, unfortunately, not very, not very! She dances uncertainly. She seemed afraid of something!

And only Beard found that Tanya is dancing perfectly. "Yes, but look how weird she is stretching out her hands in front of him, he runs across the stage, " said he. "She's afraid to fall. No, this girl probably never learn to dance.

These words seemed to have reached Thani. She rushed on stage - after all, in the hall of mirrors was a lot of her friends and acquaintances and she wanted to see how well she could dance. She was not afraid of anything, at least no one could say that she is afraid of something.

And around the huge hall of mirrors, only one person knew everything! How he was worried about Tanya! It was Petka.

"Like that girl!" "he said to himself and decided that surely will need to become as brave as Tanya.

"Oh, if only to stop this dance!" he thought, but the music played, and once the music was playing, Tanya, of course had to dance.

And she danced bolder and bolder. Closer she ran to the very edge of the stage, and every time petite heart sank.

"Well, music, concise, " said he to himself, but the music doesn't stop.

"Well, sweetie, rather," all he said, but know music played and played.

"Oh, look, there's this girl dancing perfectly! "said all.

"Yeah, I told you! said Beard.

And in time, Tanya, circling and circling, all approached the very edge of the stage.

Ah! And she fell.

You can't imagine what the commotion rose in the hall, when, still circling in the air, she fell from the stage! All scared, screamed, rushed to her and was even more scared when I saw that she was lying with her eyes closed.

Beard in despair stood before her on his knees. He was afraid that she died.

- Doctor, doctor! "he cried.

But louder than all the screaming, of course, Petka.

She danced with her eyes closed! "he cried. "She promised not to look in the mirror exactly one year and a day, and it's only been six months! Never mind that she had her eyes closed! In the next room it will open!

Absolutely! In the next room Tanya opened her eyes.

"Oh, how bad I was dancing, " she said.

And everyone laughed, because she danced beautifully. Perhaps, it is possible to finish the tale of Sand Clocks. No, you cannot! Because the next day the very fairy Courtesy and Accuracy came to Tanya's guests.

She came in clean handkerchief, and on the nose she had glasses in the bright-rimmed. Her wand she had placed in the corner, and shot glasses and put on the table

"Well, Hello, Tanya! - she said. And she bowed to her as politely as he could.

However, she thought: "I Wonder how I could manage it?"

- You've kept your promise, Tanya, " said the fairy. - Although it's still only six months and a day, but you're perfectly behaved during these half-day and six months. Well, I'll have to dispel this nasty boy.

"Thank you, aunt fairy, " said Tanya.

- Yes, have to disenchant him, " regret said the fairy, although he behaved very badly. Hopefully, since he have learned anything.

"Oh, Yes! "said Tanya. - Since he was very polite and tidy. And then, it is no longer a boy. He's such a venerable uncle, with a long black beard!

For me he is still a boy, " said the fairy. "Okay, if you like. Here's your mirror. Take it! And remember that the mirror should not look too often.

With these words the fairy Tanya returned to her mirror and disappeared.

And Tanya was left alone with his mirror.

"Well, look, " she said to herself. From the mirror looked at her all the same to her, but now she was a determined and serious, as befits a girl who knows how to keep his word.

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