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Yuri Olesha


Literary-musical composition on the tale Y. Olesha

Music Century Ruby

Actors and performers:

Dr. Gaspar - M. Yanshin
Aunt Ganymede - I. Murzaev
The Suok - M Babanov
Uncle Brezak - A. Khodursky
The seller balls - A. Kubatsky
Dance teacher - North Martinsen
Prospero - B. Colchici
Tibul - Rumyantsev,
Fat - J. White, E. Vesnik, P. Pavlenko
Heir Tutti - I. Ilyin
Educator - Century Ivanov
From the author - N. Litvinov

Orchestra p/Century Shirinsky

Director N. Aleksandrovich

Record 1965

Cover records
Have you ever heard about the amazing city of bridges, curved, back in cats? A huge glowing ball of day and night is lit on its main square. Underground dug mysterious move, to which access is only possible, if you can get into the old black pot in the Palace kitchen... And if you raise your head, high above the narrow streets in the dazzling blue of the sky will see the swift garland of colored balloons. And with it, clinging to the fine thread, whistling through the air, and from fear of losing shoes, flying skinny balls sold. "This is outrageous! - he yelled shrilly. "I don't want to fly! I just don't know how to fly..."
Everything in this city is incredibly, incredibly, incredibly!.. Yes indeed, and there he is in the fairy tale "Three fat men", which was composed for children is a wonderful writer Yuri Karlovich Olesha.
The wonderful city is ruled by three greedy, evil and foolish rich man, to the same cowardly and such thick that people have when looking at them even mouths disclosed in amazement.
Fat hate people. They want the little heir tutti grew fierce and evil. Giving tutti, he had an iron heart, they forbade him to befriend the children and locked in a huge Palace for the wall.
And on that terrible night, when gunsmith Prospero gymnast and Tibul led the people to storm the Palace, fat ordered to close the doors on the bars and box score striped feather. So great was their terror!
But nothing will save the rich - neither gold, nor guards nor the chopping block. "People have hundreds of thousands of heads. You off with," calmly and proudly told them fearless Prospero...
Prospero is not one. Together with him the most wise, talented and courageous people of the city - Dr. Gaspare Arneri, who has studied one hundred and Sciences did not believe in miracles", a beautiful and brave girl Suok, whose name rings like a bell, agile, fearless Tibul. They prepare for victory: the prisoners freedom, and the rich - the inglorious end...
This victory will come soon!..
...But how will the unarmed brave enough to sneak into the Palace, to deceive the guards? What a strange transformation will happen to our heroes?.. And a lot of unexpected and unusual you know, listening to the end of the joyful, whimsical tale of Yuri Olesha.

Mbabaali, 1965



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