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Nikolai Nosov

Libretto: G. Sinelnikov
Music: J. Frenkel, I. Shahi


  • Dunno - I. Masing
  • Sineglazka , Knocker - That Is, Sinelnikova
  • Znaika Button - A. Kostyukov
  • Fly, Tick - Century. Balde
  • Gusle, Squirrel - C. Shapovalova
  • Dr. Pilulki, Samotsvety - O. Tarasova
  • Seraphic, Dr. Lung - N. Obraztsova
  • Donut, Screw - Century Zhukov
  • Shpuntik, Nurse - A. Janz
  • Leading - G. Sinelnikov
  • Instrumental octet

Recording 1961

Album cover
In the fabulous floral city live funny men, the growth of a small cucumber.
The city in which they live "Shorty", is amazingly beautiful, around each house grow daisies, dandelions, daisies.
"Shorty" is very reminiscent of ordinary boys and girls. Each of them has their own business, they are all busy with useful work: the mechanic Screw with assistant Shpuntik repairing stoves, pots, pans; Dr. pilulki heals the sick, smart Znaika from morning to evening reading books; post a flower composing poetry, Gusle plays various musical instruments, and the artist Tube paints portraits of "the little man".
And only the dummy spend days wandering around the city and doing nothing. Tired of him messing around, and he decided to find something for everyone. But dunno can not do anything.
Because for this you need to learn, and to learn dunno laziness...
What does this have happened?
You'll learn about it, after listening to the album "the adventures of Neznaika" - made book writer Nosov.
Nikolai Nikolaevich noses for many years writes a fun and entertaining children's books. You've probably read: OST "Victor Maleev at school and at home", "Happy family", "Shurik grandpa", "Visionaries", "Cucumbers" and many others.
Books Nosova, fun and interesting, teach children to respect knowledge, work, partnership, modesty.
L. Hamatova
The album recorded dramatization books Nosov "the adventures of Neznaika. The role performed by the actors of the Moscow theaters. The music was composed by J. Frenkel, and I. Shah.


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