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The Tale Of Enid Blyton

Do you hear?

- Crack! Crack!

And you know who it quacks? It quacks famous duckling Tim. Have you ever heard about Tim? Probably heard. Who knows Tim! On his adventures, you can write a whole book. Tim three sisters and three brothers, but they are all ordinary ducklings, and Tim special. You just look at him. However, you might think that it is the most important in the yard?

Tim likes to walk alone, and the Mother Duck is constantly worried: where Tim had happened to him something? Everything in the yard regret the Mother Duck, they all say that Tim was a bad son.

Cow rose said:

Is this team good, will not end up.

"Oh, " said the goat, bull, will he ever on the pan.

And Tim just laughed.

- We'll see. Crack! Crack!

One day Tim went out the gate, looked right, looked left and ran into the field.

"Hey, Tim! "said the Mother Duck. - Stay with me so far.

"Nothing, mom! "cried Tim. "I'll be back soon! - Ran away.

Ran, ran and saw the river.

"Wow, " Tim said, " Yes here you can swim! What is clean water! Not something in our pond.

Tim started to examine the pebbles on the bottom and was about to jump in the river, suddenly come out of the water any monster with long legs and bulging eyes.

"Oh, who are you? "said Tim.

- I am a frog, " said the monster and jumped ashore.

"Are you a frog? "answered Tim. - That's good. Mom told me that frogs are delicious. Let me give you eat.

"Well, " he kakola frog - try.

- So let's try! - shouted Tim, and rushed to the frog.

- Kwa-kwa-kwa-Ah! - singing frog and suddenly jumped to the left, into the grass. Tim - left, and the frog to the right. Tim is right, and the frog as will bounce up and plopped right on top of Tim. Sat riding on it and shouts:

- But! But! Hurry up!

Tim got scared and started crying:

- Mom! Mom! The frog wants to eat me!

A mother Duck ran out to meet him. And the frog saw the duck - jump in the water! Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble! and dived to the bottom.

Only her and seen!

- Shame on you to roll on itself frogs! - angrily shouted the Mother Duck. - Frogs need to eat and not to roll. Write silly green frog! Another time I you for this beat!

- Bull bull-plop! snorted the frog out of the water.

Tim lowered his head and followed her mother.

So they had gone a few steps, and suddenly Tim stopped. He saw in the grass some strange thing. It was an old chimney, inside all black from soot. Well, of course, Tim had had to look at it.

Yes this is a real tunnel! "answered Tim. "Good! And I'll locomotive!

Tim slid into the tube and immediately the whole dirty with soot. The farther climbed Tim, so he was getting blacker and blacker. See how he got out of the pipes, even the beak is black.

A mother Duck didn't know that Tim reached into the pipe. The mother Duck was thinking that Tim still comes back. Suddenly she turned around.

- Guard! Help! - yelled the Mother Duck and rushed to her ducklings. "Come on! Soon! For us being chased by some black freak!

A mother Duck and ducklings ran across the field. They raced hard, and Tim ran after them in pursuit, and cried:

"Wait a minute! Wait! It was me, Tim!

But the Mother Duck and ducklings have not heard of Tim. They ran across the grass, quacked loudly, fell, rose again and fled.

Here is the pond.

- Jump into the water! "said the Mother Duck. - Probably, black freak can't swim!

Ducklings jumped in the water, and the Mother Duck behind them. And Tim? Tim also ran to the pond and also jumped in Vogue dived to the bottom and gurgled like a frog. But he got out of the water. See - what is it? He again became yellow and pretty. A mother Duck cautiously looked around.

"Where is this black freak? "she asked. "He is gone! We are saved! Tim, you're here too?

"Yes, Yes, mother, " grunted Tim. "I drove the black sheep. Do not be afraid! I won't let you hurt.

- Well Done, Tim! shouted the ducklings. "You're smart and brave!

"Well, not really praise him, " said the Mother Duck. Is it harmful. And now tails up, head right around me.

And they sailed home: a Mother Duck ahead, ducklings behind, and for ducklings is a proud and happy Tim.

The next morning Tim was sitting on the Bank of the pond and basking in the sun. Suddenly he thought of the frog, and became angry: "How can she dare to ride on me!"

Tim looked over, is not responsible for whether the Mother Duck. No, the Mother Duck was sleeping, cover your head with a wing. Tim quickly slipped into the gate and ran into the field to the river. Ran, ran and suddenly sees - on the road is a man with a basket. "Where is he going? "thought Tim. - I will go after him. And the frog will wait".

Tim ran after the man. As the man approached the river, pulled out of a basket bag and threw it in the water! Here Tim and about the frog forgot.

The only person left is Tim now jump into the water and swam to the bag. The bag was tied and quietly squeaked.

"Strange, " thought Tim. - I never heard that bags squeak". He pulled the bag over the rope and pulled it ashore .

- Meow - squeaked bag.

- Oh! - surprised Tim and jumped to the side.

- Meow, meow! - squeaked bag.

Yes there is someone there, " said Tim. He untied the rope. The bag opened up, and out of the bag came a thin, wet, shivering from the cold black kitten.

- Meow, " he said. "Thank you, duck. You saved me from death. Who are you?

Famous Tim, " proudly replied the duck. "Who are you?

"I Chernysh. The boss says I'm a glutton that I am not enough milk. So he threw me in the river. Where am I now?

"Come with me, " said Tim. - You will live in our yard. In our yard a lot of food. Only, please, shake yourself first, and then you look like a wet chicken.

The Blackie shook themselves so that all the grass around was wet.

"I'm ready.

And Tim proudly led a green Sandpiper. He led him into the courtyard. In the yard they were met by a cow rose, goat bull and goose Tilly. Tim told them the sad story of Blackie.

- What evil landlord said the goat, bull.

- Poor Blackie, " sighed goose Tilly. - Well, now you will live with us.

- And who will try to hurt him, will have to deal with me, with the famous duck! - grunted Tim and so ruffled his yellow feathers, which immediately doubled.

- No one can hurt you, Blackie, fear not! - cried all.

Only the Snow cat said nothing. It was a white master cat. It is important went to his bowl and began to lap milk. The Blackie looked at the bowl and mewing plaintively. He had eaten nothing since morning. But the Snow is not even looked at Blackie and began to lap even faster. Tim was afraid that the Snow will drink all the milk.

- Hey, Snow! "cried Tim. "Leave the little Blackie!

But the Snow continued to lap, as if he had not heard.

"I'm so hungry, " mew was the Blackie.

And the Snow all lapped and lapped.

"Wait, " whispered Tim. "I will punish you for greed.

He ran to a dark corner. And in a dark corner was hanging on the web big, hairy black spider. Tim knew that the Snow he's scared to death of spiders. Tim grabbed the spider and ran to the bench.

"Well, Blackie, stand here, " said Tim.

Blacky was about benches, and Tim jumped on his back, gently passed through the tail and jumped up on the bench.

He unrolled the web and let the spider right in the bowl to the snow.

- Help! Spider! - shouted the Snow and began to run. He fled in all haste. Here he turned the corner and ran into the kitchen.

Where to hide?

Hurry, hurry, kitchen Cabinet open! Snow jumped in the closet. Rattled dishes, sprinkle flour, fell brush...Snow huddled in a dark corner and curled up lump there, trembling with fear.

And Tim in the yard hysterical with laughter.

- Go to dinner, Blackie. The snow is now not expected to return.

Blacky ran to the bowl. How delicious! One minute he drank all the milk. And now we have to wash. The Blackie licked the front foot and wiped her mustache. Then again, licked foot and washed his cheeks, then licked and washed his ears. It was very clean kitten

"Thank you, Tim, " said Blackie, when finished wash - you are a true friend. First you saved me from death, and now from hunger.

"Don't mention it. "said Tim, " is it worth even talking about it.

At this time, the Mother Duck was running around the yard and was looking for Tim. No one knew where Tim. One only Snow could say, where Tim, but the Snow was sitting in a dark closet and was trembling with fear.

- I'm so excited, " said the Mother Duck: " I saw outside the gates of the Fox. I'm so afraid that she will drag Tim. Because he always runs one.

Outside the kitchen, Tim met with the rabbit Loppi and chicken penny.

- Be careful - they whispered. - Outside the gate saw a Fox. Look, as if she didn't eat

Tim was scared.

- Mom! "he cried. "Where are you? I want to see you!

But the Mother Duck was on the other end of the yard and haven't heard a word.

"What to do? "thought Tim. - Where to go?"

Suddenly he saw the basket. She was standing near the kitchen door. It was a round wicker basket with a tight lid. The cook always walked with her to the market.

"Good, " said Tim. - Then the Fox will not find me.

He lifted the lid and climbed into the basket. It was dark inside and smelled something delicious. At the bottom lay a large piece of sausage.

"Now let Fox me look!" thought Timon sat comfortably and quietly laughed. The Fox looked out from behind the corner and saw the basket.

- Nut-nut-nut! - she pulled air through the nose. - Smells like a duck. That's good! Take me this basket to my listitem. They'll be happy. We will have lunch duck soup.

Fox ran out from behind the corner: bright-eyed and bushy tail pipe, feet top-top-top, nose nut-nut-nut and eyes and leads on the sides - not whether the cook.

"Oh, this cook! The last time she threw me in the brush. As if she saw me now," thought the Fox and looked around. But in the yard there was none. The Fox crept quietly along the wall and grabbed the basket. She slipped a paw through the handle and quietly went, as if he was carrying the food from the market.

Fox thought that nobody had ever seen her, but she was wrong. The Blackie was sitting around the corner and saw everything. He heard poor Tim, overwrought, quacked in the basket:

- Help! Help!

- I will save you, Tim! cried Blackie. He scurried around the yard. I wish to meet someone! Anyone - the whole yard is empty. What to do? Chernysh rushed to the pond. On the shore of the pond sat a Mother Duck with ducklings.

"Quickly, quickly! - shouted Blacky: - Fox took Tim!

"How horrible! - cried the Mother Duck. - My poor son! What do I do? Where is the Fox?

- There she is! See there in the field? - showed the Blackie.

- See! - cried the Mother Duck. "I will catch up. Run!

"No, you can't catch a Fox, " said Blacky. Because it runs much faster than you. Now, if only you could reach it!

"I can do better, " proudly said the Mother Duck. - I can reach it. Look! And it spread its wings. The wings were white as snow, large and wide. They clapped so much that Blackie has even backed away. The mother Duck took to the air, waved his wings - clap-clap-clap! and flew into the fields behind the Fox.

And the Fox came to his house. She was very tired - the basket was heavy. Because there were a duck and sausage.

"Nothing, " thought the Fox, " soon the house. Call son or daughter, they will help to drag the basket. And until you put her on the shoulder, it will be easier".

And only Fox put the basket on his shoulder, when suddenly I heard a noise: clap-clap-clap!

This Mother Duck caught up with Fox. The mother Duck went down below, bumped into a basket with a flourish, slipped her head through the handle and struggled jerked up.


The mother Duck took off with the basket.

- Give it back! - screamed the Fox. Is my basket.

"Well, well! - grunted Mother?The duck. And in the basket of my son.

And this time Tim was crying in a basket.

- Fear not, son! - grunted a Mother Duck. "It is I, your mother. We fly home.

True, they soon arrived home. The whole yard was glad Tim. And she was glad Blacky! And with what pleasure he ate the sausage!

"Thank you, Tim, " said Blackie. - Here you and the second time save me from hunger.

"Nothing, " replied Tim, " needless to talk about it.

Three days Tim never left from my Mother-Duck. He was very afraid to meet again with the Fox. On the fourth day he got tired of sitting near my mother. Tim decided to take a walk and called a green Sandpiper.

"You know, " Tim said, " let's go to your old house. I want to see where you once lived.

"Okay, " said Blackie. "I was thinking to go there. We need to tell our dog, how I escaped death. At the same time show her my Saviour - famous outtatime.

They ran the field and came to a large green gate. This was the house of Blackie. They ducked under the gate and entered the courtyard.

Suddenly ran out to meet them some angry red-faced man

- Hide quick! in a fright cried Blackie. Is my master. He will fry you up and eat. Get more for rabbit cage.

Tim hid under the rabbit cage and Blackie had not. The master grabbed the kitten by the tail and pulled it out from under the cage.

- Wow, this is a Blackie! - shouted the master. It means you are not drowned? Oh wait - tomorrow I'll drown so that you will not come up. In the meantime I sit here.

He opened the rabbit cage, threw back the Blackie and locked the door with a key.

Only the owner retired, Tim now got out from under the cage and climbed up on the roof.

Yeah, the key left in the lock! Tim bent down and thrust his beak into the ring key. He had seen many times, as they have in the yard of the owner of the locked or unlocked doors.

It's very simple. It is only necessary to turn the key.

"Hurry, Tim, let me out, ' she mewed Chernysh.

- Now, now! "cried Tim. - Just sit quietly. He turned his head back and forth, back and Sudano tight the key was not turned. Tim strained with all his strength.


What happiness!

Key squeaked and turned around.

The door was unlocked.

- Pull, push harder! "cried Tim.

Blacky jumped out of the cells.

"Come quickly, while the master returns!

Tim and green Sandpiper flew together and ran without a break up to the house. In the courtyard they saw a Mother-Duck. She cried bitter tears.

- What happened? "said Tim. Someone ate my brother or sister?

"No, " cried the Mother Duck. - Hurt me in this house. I am very unhappy.

- Tell us. who offends you, ' cried Chernysh, we will procim!

Firstly, goose Tilly. said the Mother Duck. - It didn't allow me to come to the trough of food. Secondly, Fox. Since then, as I grabbed her basket, she spent whole days elapsed me around the corner.

- Well, who else? "asked Tim.

- Monkey Bimbo, " cried the Mother?The duck. She is the worst of all. This morning she snatched six feathers from the tail, and yesterday was bitten in the leg. And always throws me in the stones.

"Don't cry, mother, " said Tim. - We will help you.

"Of course, " said Blackie, Tim think of something. He is clever, he can even unlock the doors, I swear!

Tim and Blackie walked.

- This Bimbo have to teach, " said Tim. Ought to pinch your nose. But how to do it?

"Wait, " whispered the Blackie and sniffed the air. - What's that smell?

Tim looked back. Under the tree was a small table and on it was a strange brown wand.

This cigar! cried Blackie. You know, the sort of thing to smoke. It is lit and put in the mouth, and it turns out the smoke. Oh, I have thought of something. Get me it, Tim.

Tim came to the table, stood up on tiptoe, stretched out his neck and grabbed a burning cigar.

- Deli, Zelnis! he schepeler it. He wanted to say, "here you go, Blackie", nohara was difficult for him to speak.

"Listen, what I came up with, " said Blackie. "I saw in the room at the children's toy bow. NC let him boom. And we, instead of arrows, paste a cigar and let her in Bimbo. It is necessary only to pull the string. Understood?

"Oh, what are you, " he shook his head, Tim. "I'd never do that. Try you - you have all four paws.

"Okay, " said Blackie.

They took a bow, and a cigar and went to look for the monkey Bimbo.

And Bimbo was sitting on the window sill and looked out into the yard. Bimbo was waiting for the Mother-Duck.

"There he is! Rather, Blackie! "whispered Tim.

Chernysh carefully fitted cigar to the onions. The cigar was still Smoking. Bimbo looked at her with great interest.

Now we'll procim for rudeness, " cried Tim. - Shoot, Blackie!

But at this time the cigar fell from his bow and burned the Blackie foot.

- Meow! said Blackie. Monkey Bimbo and rolled with laughter.

- Ha-ha-ha! That's so neat! Well again.

Tim grabbed a cigar and gave it to Blackie. The Blackie took aim again, and pulled - clap! and a burning arrow flew straight Bimbo in the nose.

- Ay-ay-ay! - yelled Bimbo somersault and fell from the window sill.

"Yeah! "laughed Tim. - There will be more to hurt my mother? Well, Blackie, thank you. With one enemy we have already dealt.

"What shall we do with the goose? "asked Blackie.

"Oh! I know that скaзaлl Tim. We will continue to feed until it becomes fatty fatty. Then the owner will take her to the market and sell. And that's all.

"Where we take so much food? "asked Blackie. "You know what Tilly glutton.

"Nothing, " said Tim, " I'll ask porridge the dog Top.

Tim ran to the dog house. Top sat on the chain, but before the Top was a metal bowl of porridge.

- Cute Top, " said Tim, " give me some porridge for the goose Tilly, - it's all the same not to eat.

- Get out of here! - growled the Top and rattled the chain. - No crumbs will not give this silly Tilly.

Tim ran to the side and thought for a moment. Where to get food for Tilly? And suddenly he saw on earth some thing very similar to a horseshoe. Tim even jumped with joy. It's a magnet!

He was holding a magnet in its beak and ran to the dog house. Top sprang up before him and bared her mouth. But Tim stopped before reaching the booth. He aimed the magnet on the bowl, and - behold - she went straight to Tim. As the magnet attracts iron!

The top was angry and barked the whole yard, and Tim laughed.

- Tilly! "he cried. "Where are you? Come here, I'll give you something tasty.

Goose and ran greedily pounced on the food. She ate all the porridge and even rummaged around the bowl, is there not yet. Here Blackie brought another bowl of potatoes. Tilly ate and potatoes.

The next day Tim and Blackie again brought the goose food, and again she ate. Soon Tilly became very thick and greasy, and no one in the yard could not understand why Tim and Blackie so fed her. A mother Duck even once said the goose:

Not tolstey so, Tilly. Don't you know what you are doing with the fat of geese?

"Shut up, mother, " spat Tim. He was afraid that the Mother Duck will scare Tilly, and Tilly will stop there. The mother Duck was silent, and Tilly went aside and said, "What do fat geese?"

- Buhl, " she said to the goat, " you don't know what you are doing with oily geese?

- How, their take on the market and sell, " said the goat, bull.

- Ha-ha-ha, " cried Tilly, " how horrible! I'll eat no more! I don't want to be fat! I don't want on the market!

But it was too late. The owner noticed that Tilly was very fatty, and decided to sell it. He was tied to her foot rope and did a poor Tilly on the market.

And Tim shouted after her:

- There will be more to hurt my mother?

"Well, now we dealt with the second enemy! - fun grunted Tim. "And we will procim Fox?

"We will wait, " said Blackie, " she probably will come soon

And sure enough, no sooner had he spoken than thought Fox. She quietly crept along the wall, ran across the yard and hid in the dog house. That's tricky! She knew that in the booth is unoccupied, she saw the Top in the field...

"Hurry, Blackie, was worried about Tim. I figured out how to punish Fox. Run in the field! We need to find the bull.

They ran into the field. Bull grazing, and next to him was the Top.

"Hey, bull, " said Tim, " help us to catch the Fox. She took in the booth of a Top and chased my mother.

"Okay, " replied the goat and called Top. All four of us ran home.

"What will we do? "asked bull. Tim what?then whispered in his ear.

- No, " laughed Boule.

- Hush, hush! - Tim hissed. - Fox will hear, she has very sensitive ears.

They quietly entered the courtyard. Bull ran - and how you get from the whole scope of horns in the booth! Clap! booth overturned and covered Fox. Fox warped, shrunk, but could not escape. Only the tip of her red tail sticking out.

"Yeah, caught! "cried Tim. - There will be more to hurt my mother? I will call the owner.

But the owner and call was not necessary. He heard a noise and he looked out the window.

"Wife, wife, look here! Fox in the box! Who caught her?

"I, I! - semimetal bull.

- Who invented it? Tim! - shouted Blacky and jumped into the booth.

"Well, Fox, now you won't.

And true: the Fox came to an end.

"I'll make her collar, " said the landlady. I will be warm in the winter.

She herself made Fox collar and on holidays aired it on the windowsill so that the fur is not spoiled. Then all gathered under the window and looked at Fox fur.

- Now the Fox not to jump down from here, " said the Mother?The duck.

- Where there! More of us will never tap - cluck chicken penny.

- Evil foxes evil comes to an end, " said the Top dog.

"You see, Mother, " said Tim, " we have defeated all the enemies. We have had a nose Bimbo, and he no longer dares to appear in the window. We have fattened Tilly, and the owner took it to the market. We caught the Fox, and the hostess made her collar.

"Thank you, son, you did well, " said the Mother Duck. Only I ask you, whether now obedient and not a shawl.

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