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Sergei Aksakov


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The play And. Karnaukhova and L. Bruyevich
the tale S. Aksakov
Music A. Medtner

Actors and performers:

Merchant - Wolf
Alenka - K. Oskolkov
Sisters - I. Tikhomirov, M. Fomina
Anton Y. Fomichev
Babysitter - That Is, Rudnev
Baba Yaga - N. Novlyanskiy
Goblin - Century Torstensen
Dummy - HP Hot
Monster - Y. Sazonov
Leading - N. Litvinov

Editor I. Yakushenko

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Creativity Aksakov-the novelist refers primarily to the 50-th years of the last century. Then he published his "sketchy memories of childhood" in grandfather's estate in the Volga - "Family chronicle" (1856) and "the Childhood of Bagrov-grandson" (1858), which became the artistic discovery of the genre.
Here "truth is felt on every page" - enthusiastically wrote N. G. Chernyshevsky autobiographical novel by Sergei Timofeevich Aksakov "Family chronicle". These words could be applied to all outstanding original Russian writer. Contemporaries called him "the magician sweet Russian speech". Gogol never once listened to his storytelling, and advised Aksakov to take up the pen. And the first printed work of the writer - a poetic description of the snow-storm - admired the great Pushkin.
In his autobiographical books written on the basis of memories and family traditions, Aksakov showed himself to be a good psychologist, able to Express subtle movements of the baby soul. Until that time he was known as a poet, as a sensitive literary critic, one of the first celebrated realist art of Pushkin as a brilliant connoisseur of theater, even before the appearance of articles Belinsky admired a great actor - a "plebeian" Mochalov, as a man, passionately in love with the nature of his native land and made it soulful poetic sketches. No wonder I. S. Turgenev wrote about Aksakov "Notes of a rifle hunter: "This book have happened!"
Aksakov was a lover and connoisseur of Russian antiquity, promoter of folk poetry - tales, Proverbs, songs. Still quite youthful poem, opposing passions "all foreign", he urged: " the customs, the language native to contact..."
The charm of Russian song syllable poetic world of folk tales is distinguished by its literary adaptations of tales about magical, miraculous "Scarlet flower".
This tale (placed by the writer in the Annex to the "Baby years economy-grandson) forever in children's reading. The tale came to be known precisely in Aksakov "translation", it kind of creative recreation. The writer carefully preserved intricate ornament folk epithets and phrases, and passing the light lyrics of this timeless legend of selfless love, and fun craftiness of the narrator, and people's understanding of the ideals of generosity, humanity, and loyalty.
The story of the undying "scarlet flower" in many respects similar to the legends of various peoples of the world about the saving power of love. On the path of love are insurmountable obstacles, and only loyalty, selflessness is achieved happiness. The tale Aksakov owes its popularity not only true to the folk wisdom, but also gorgeous, flexible, expressive, "true Russian" language.
The proposed account will acquaint you with the play, written by this tale.



The tale S. Aksakov "the Scarlet flower"
reads Nikolay Litvinov

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