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The staging, Demichiei Czech folk tale

Director N. Herman
Music Of The Century ENKA

Leading - N. Litvinov
Evil King - A. Barantsev
Good King - M Pogorzelski
Irzhik - O. Tabakov
The fish peddler - I. Kremlev
Fishermen - A. Morozov and Y. Puzyrev
Goldfish - Ivanov,

Album cover
Every country, every nation has their favorite hero. Some heroes - generals and kings, others simple peasants. Often a hero is an ordinary man, and at first glance, nothing special in it will not find. Often such people even consider stupid or worthless, yet he will show himself a real hero, smart, strong, smarter and stronger than themselves kings. We, the Russians, this is Ivan the peasant's son or Ivan the fool, the Japanese - Koska-kristiann, and Chekhov is funny, clever and wise servant Irzhik. Sing about such heroes in folk songs and epics, have been writing stories.
This tale today we will hear. He made it to the Czech people. And, of course, in the tale and the king, let not one, but two Evil and on the Good, and there the Princess beauty with Golden hair, with her eleven sisters, there are wonderful animals that pay good for good. And still the protagonist of this funny and sometimes scary tales is not a king and not a Princess, and Irzhik a servant of the Evil King.
Irzhik and oars, and young, and handsome, so that you can admire. And most importantly - he is smart and clever. Therefore hates his old, clumsy, foolish King, who himself can not do anything, even step on can't live without someone's help. So he makes Erika without end run on the court only people would understand that the servant is a thousand times smarter and better than the ruler of the Kingdom.
Especially hated the King our Erica since then, I started to suspect that the magic art to understand the animal and bird language given not only himself, but also a clever servant. He should have at whatever became of lime his faithful and indispensable servant, to cut off his drumbeat for all head...
Not one death threatened Iriko. From what discouraged, even if you're clever and bold as ten heroes...
How managed Irico to perform all the tasks and the Evil King and Good, as managed to get it to glory and love Goldilocks, tell funny and serious, clever and crafty Czech folk tale.



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