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...And do you know how a new anthill? It all starts with the fact that born to crawl go to heaven. The ubiquitous garden ants will start in early autumn. In the air soar females and males, acquired wings. After the mating flight, the males die. And the female breaks off the wings and is looking for a suitable place for a new nest: a hole in a stump or a crack in the Foundation. At first life she has really bad. Long months alone she waits for summer. In cold ozeaneum, and on warm days, in order not to die of hunger, marshalling the resources of the body: fat and unnecessary muscles of the wings. But hunger is not the aunt, and the female eats almost all pending its eggs. Therefore, from the extensive progeny by the spring will be displayed only 3 - 4 stunted working ant. They take her. When the hive gets too big, the female will come very hearty and very boring life -- in a close dungeon it is necessary to lay an egg for the egg.

Females of other species are more Thrifty: either the mycelium with a fetch it, to have something to plant in a new place, or even raise themselves into the air several working individuals.

And what happens to the ants die? A great number of people killed in the stomachs of birds, bears, or during the internecine battles. About this end they say that death on the world red. It happens that the elderly, unable to survive the winter, spring is simply thrown away in a landfill, for example, do the ants-the reapers.

And in some species of animals, pairaudeau from disease or old age, prefer to end his days alone. Experts say that the ant infested with fungus or close to death for any other reason, in the evening, quietly leaves the nest. He wouldn't want to disappoint friends. Doomed the little ant breaks on a blade of grass, as if saying goodbye to the setting sun. So, swaying in the wind, he spends the last day or two of his life.

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