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At the city asphalt, wooden buildings, in the garden or in the eye and then goes black garden ant. He is also tiny. And also unwanted guest - breeds aphid pests (but not much) garden plants. There are ants applying for our crops. In the beginning of the century was estimated that the ants-the reapers in the steppes dragged hectare 53 kilograms of grain. And how much grief brings the invasion of tropical stray ants! After their visit to the villages there's nothing left alive, even rats and bedbugs.

They say every family has its black sheep. Unfortunately, in the ant family, numbering 6,000 species, from our point of view, freaks a lot. However, without this family biosphere would not be in health. For example, in South America, soil-forming role of earthworms took upon his shoulders mainly ants and termites.

And how many lavishes praise press our red-headed forest - ant, Formica rufa. In its conical daily disappears kilograms of insects, many of which are harmful for the forest. And not in vain famous ecologist Remy suture serves to domesticate red forest ant, to use his insatiable appetite in agriculture. This ant is possible to train so that he was hunting for certain species of insects, like the trained bees to take bribe from any one flower. In other words, red ant has a chance to become the living insecticide selective action.

Naturalist P. M. Marikovsky suggested another unexpected use of ants. Watching the ants-the reapers, galore inhabit steppes of Kazakhstan, he found that six of them (or rather, their chemical separation) can be used for plant breeding and storage of grain. Not naive? No. However, judge for yourself. The reapers cut wheat seeds, quinoa or bluegrass, pushing them under the ground, in damp cellars. There always strive duty: handle stocks of some substances. And contrary to his nature wet seeds are touched in growth and not grow mouldy. But it is necessary seeds to transfer to the laboratory, as they start wildly, uncontrollably grow. It turns out that the residual dose ant "stun gun growth is not held back, but, on the contrary, spurring the development of plants. Who knows, maybe this substance is able to influence the development of human tissue?

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