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Get rid of "humane" tiny Baranchikov incredibly difficult, especially in new buildings with hollow beams. Because their foragers can provide food not only to the apartment, where they declared war. Even after suffering heavy damage, they quickly recover their livestock: a dozen working individuals will survive in the fierce fumigation. The nests of these thermophilic create tend to arrange in the thickness of the Foundation or under the warm boiler room, where they will not smoke and vapors hydrocyanic acid.

And still, how to get rid of ants? With freonovye probably can be overcome only by strong poisons, although recommend this homemade delicious poison: a tablespoon of hot water, a spoon of honey, and 1.5 tablespoons of sugar, a third of tablespoons of borax and two teaspoons of glycerin. It is necessary to mix and dissolve over low heat. And then open a bottle of poisonous bait to leave there, where visited by insects.

And here is an excerpt from a letter Muscovite D. Capulina:

"When in my house settled Pharaoh ants, the wife tried all means, but the insects did not give up, and then had to take me. By chance I came across a bottle of "Angara", mosquito liquid.

I wet a drug swab and rubbed the walls of the apartment and all the wall cabinets. Such processing I spent twice with an interval of 3-4 days. The result exceeded all my expectations: five years have passed since the ants disappeared completely without a trace."

In General, assure that ants hate harmless for us, the smell of the leaf parsley that scares them naphthalene that thick fur, a piece which is inserted into the slit of hair inside, makes the apartment is not available.

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