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Recently it was found that ants faster all insects, even faster fish and frogs are trained to find the right path in the maze. However, here they can help formic acid, which they use not only as a defensive and offensive weapon, but also as a label for traces. They occupy the road and badly smelling ketones, or rather, their volatile components with a short carbon chain. Interestingly enough, the chemical structure of the secrets of the anal glands of ants of the same species, but living in different ant colonies, is slightly different in composition. Probably every anthill its flavor.

Chemical study of ants is still in its infancy. But made interesting discoveries. It turned out that some species of ants, obrycka enemy formic acid, water it with a mixture of citronellal and citral (ratio 9:1). These substances are not only toxic in themselves, but also promote the penetration of formic acid through the outer skin of the enemy. From ants selected substance that kills the causative agent of cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, but for a person completely harmless.

Unfortunately, in jeltovatogo translucent body tiny Pharaoh's ant (its dimensions do not exceed 2.5 mm) antibacterial substances, probably not. Meanwhile, it is in their skinny figures found terrible putrefactive bacteria. And the worst thing is that people unwittingly spread it nymphal disaster together with transported goods. Now these dangerous neighbors townspeople find in clean linen and marmalades. In European hospitals varanovich ants were seen even among surgical instruments, recently removed from the sterilizer.

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