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If a young formic female inexperience caught up in wet lowland and founded there the anthill, its inhabitants, so as not to slosh through puddles, build a highway from the needles. In the suburbs such highway dominate the earth by only 2-4 inches, but insects it is possible to go "dry feet". And this is very important, for, as says an old proverb, for ant and drop - lake.

But that's not all - in the scientific literature there is a description absolutely incredible case of self-defense. One of the researchers had the idea three years in a row to irradiate formic road with gamma rays. Ants (and they feel radioactive and other radiation) did not leave their homes. They have been easier. To gamma rays is less than spoil their mood and health, they built the roof over the road has a length of 12.5 meters.

Once the two worker ants Formica moved to platformone, where there was a bunch of larvae. One was lost in unfamiliar surroundings and left. The other was more intelligent - began to carry larvae. Then experience complicated - larvae hidden behind the impenetrable barrier through which from time to time to recall. And what? Ant proved to be extremely intelligent entity, waited patiently until spanned the bridge!

It turns out that under the same chitin uniforms are hidden different mental capabilities. Experts believe that the perfect transmission of information (contacts, antennae, and so on), tuned by millions of years of evolution, quickly does achieve one ant property of the whole family. About ants can rightly say, one head is good, but a thousand is better.

But among the thousands of best old head. For old ants - not that other, as the information store. In red wood ants older sages are at the very top - work on the dome as observers. From the top they know better. However, not so experienced foragers, crawling at the bottom, you can show off intelligence. Once near the anthill put the device in which there were two threads. Pulling them, ants opened the blinds. Grabbing one thread, they had access to the sugar syrup. Behind the second curtain there's nothing good there. Cost one wise man to reach the syrup, as for the thread got the hang of pulling and the other. However, stupid individuals, seeing how colleagues screaming in the tug of war began diligently to pull bassirou" thread. But it pulled in three times less. Then, to knock the ants confused, began to rearrange the syrup from place to place. This greatly diminished formic enthusiasm, and thread a long time hung without benefit. When the syrup has returned to its original place, the work was again started.

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