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Unfortunately, not all innocent fun - ants sometimes drink until he lost consciousness. In order to understand how they are drunk, have a small digression. In ant-hills is home to many insects, which are usually fed by the owners of the house. As payment for the table, these guests bring diversity in formic menu. And beetle lomechusa their afroboogie secretions simply solders them. And drunk brethren, which decreases the sensitivity of antennae, throws work cares beetle-poisoner, devouring their pupae and larvae. Just think - six alcoholics (and may be drug addicts) give at the mercy of their children! Affected lomechusini anthill, of course, quickly dies out.

If a good deal, in ants can count not one flaw. There is among these types, who all his life professionally engaged in the theft. And there is absolutely unacceptable from a social point of view ants-slaveholders.

But let's not castigate these ulcers ant society. It is better to talk about ant ingenuity.

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The menagerie at the porch

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