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Do you know how they sleep? Not interested in whether you have the picture drawn by the zoologist and writer D. Huxley? Of course, it is not necessary to assure that sleep ants of all kinds. But, right, worth a look at least one bedchamber: "as the bed they choose a small indentation in the ground and laid there, tightly holding the legs to the torso. When they Wake up (after about three hours of rest), their behavior is very similar to the behavior of only just woke up man. They pull the head and legs at full length, and often shake them. Their jaws wide open, as if they yawn".

't mind ants and play around, play tag. Here are some observations A. A. Zakharov. "Usually the developments are as follows. One of the ants running up to the camera, where there are several other workers. Staying in the middle of the camera, the ant climbs possibly higher on all six legs (like standing on tiptoe) and starts finely tremble. After this one-two ant approach him apart with mandibles and make a few threatening movements. Later in the game remain, usually two. They begin to run after each other (the initiator more often escapes), sometimes like a short bout. Ants diligently to Tinker, then released each other and the chase continues. After the game partners for a long time to clean next. In all cases, the Formica of sanguinea in games initiators were ants employed outside the nest. Sometimes the same ant-initiator alternately played with a few ants. Was observed on one occasion, when all attempts ant-initiator to carry away any of the inhabitants of the charge did not succeed, although this ant were about 5 minutes.

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